Süleyman Yasir KULA

Süleyman Yasir KULA


If you find my assets useful and would like to support me, please visit this link ☕ https://yasirkula.itch.io/unity3d

#1 yasirkula/UnityNativeGallery

A native Unity plugin to interact with Gallery/Photos on Android & iOS (save and/or load images/videos)

Java560 Star87 Fork
#2 yasirkula/UnityAssetUsageDetector

Find usages of the selected asset(s) and/or Object(s) in your Unity project, i.e. list the objects that refer to them

C#528 Star61 Fork
#3 yasirkula/UnityIngameDebugConsole

A uGUI based console to see debug messages and execute commands during gameplay in Unity

C#513 Star66 Fork
#4 yasirkula/UnityRuntimeInspector

Runtime Inspector and Hierarchy solution for Unity for debugging and runtime editing purposes

C#512 Star53 Fork
#5 yasirkula/UnityBezierSolution

A bezier spline solution for Unity 3D with some utility functions (like travelling the spline with constant speed/time)

C#430 Star58 Fork
#6 yasirkula/UnityNativeShare

A Unity plugin to natively share files (images, videos, documents, etc.) and/or plain text on Android & iOS

Java364 Star48 Fork
#7 yasirkula/UnityDynamicPanels

Draggable, resizable, dockable and stackable UI panel solution for Unity 3D

C#256 Star23 Fork
#8 yasirkula/UnitySimpleFileBrowser

A uGUI based runtime file browser for Unity 3D (draggable and resizable)

C#238 Star46 Fork
#9 yasirkula/UnityNativeCamera

A native Unity plugin to take pictures/record videos with device camera on Android & iOS

Java199 Star27 Fork
#10 yasirkula/UnitySimplePatchTool

Unity port of SimplePatchTool library to add patching support to standalone Unity applications

C#135 Star28 Fork
#11 yasirkula/SimplePatchTool

C# library for patching standalone applications with binary diff and self patching support

C#92 Star38 Fork
#12 yasirkula/UnityIonicIntegration

A guide to integrating Unity 3D content into an Ionic app and sending messages between them (for Android & iOS)(tested with Vuforia plugin)

Objective-C++90 Star29 Fork
#13 yasirkula/UnityRuntimePreviewGenerator

Generate preview textures (thumbnails) for your GameObject's or materials on the fly in Unity

C#85 Star18 Fork
#14 yasirkula/Unity360ScreenshotCapture

A simple script to capture 360° screenshots in-game with Unity

C#68 Star8 Fork
#15 yasirkula/UnityAndroidRuntimePermissions

A native Unity plugin to handle runtime permissions on Android M+

C#64 Star19 Fork
#16 yasirkula/DownloadLinkGeneratorForGoogleDrive

Create list of files and their download links in a Google Drive™ folder

PHP62 Star136 Fork
#17 yasirkula/UnitySimpleInput

An improvement over Unity's standard Input system that allows you to use custom input providers like on-screen joysticks, UI buttons and d-pads

C#58 Star5 Fork
#18 yasirkula/UnityImageCropper

A uGUI based image cropping solution for Unity 3D

C#53 Star13 Fork
#19 yasirkula/UnityRuntimeSceneGizmo

Interactable runtime scene gizmo for uGUI

C#53 Star9 Fork
#20 yasirkula/UnityGridFramework

Open source Grid Framework for creating grid-based levels easily in Unity 3D

C#45 Star10 Fork
#21 yasirkula/UnityAdjustPivot

Adjust pivot point of an object in Unity without creating an empty parent object

C#44 Star6 Fork
#22 yasirkula/UnitySimpleGDPRConsent

A Unity plugin to present GDPR consent dialogs to the users

C#32 Star1 Fork
#23 yasirkula/UnityRuntimeTexture

An abstraction layer on top of Texture2D.LoadImage to create Texture2D objects at runtime from raw PNG/JPEG data in Unity

C#27 Star1 Fork
#24 yasirkula/UnityTextureOps

A basic image processing plugin for Unity

C#25 Star2 Fork
#25 yasirkula/UnityHexicGame

Hexic puzzle game made with Unity 3D

ShaderLab20 Star3 Fork
#26 yasirkula/UnityTextToTextMeshProUpgradeTool

Upgrade Text, InputField, Dropdown and TextMesh objects to their TextMesh Pro variants in Unity

C#19 Star0 Fork
#27 yasirkula/UnityGenericPool

A simple generic pooling script for Unity3D with a helper class

C#18 Star5 Fork
#28 yasirkula/UnityInspectPlus

Speeding up your Inspector workflow in Unity 3D

C#18 Star4 Fork
#29 yasirkula/UnityEveryplaySaveToLocal

A helper script to save captured Everyplay videos to local file system on Android & iOS

Objective-C++11 Star5 Fork
#30 yasirkula/UnityNativeFilePicker

A native Unity plugin to import/export files from/to various document providers on Android & iOS

Java11 Star0 Fork