Umut Işık

Umut Işık


Software engineer

#1 umutphp/awesome-cli

A simple command line tool to give you a fancy command line interface to dive into Awesome lists.

Go139 Star21 Fork
#2 umutphp/wp-vulnerability-check

A command line took to check the WPScan Vulnerability Database via API to identify the security issues of WordPress plugins installed.

PHP29 Star4 Fork
#3 umutphp/php-docker-images-for-ci

A repository with a set of Docker files created from official PHP images with some CI tools.

Dockerfile20 Star3 Fork
#4 umutphp/github-action-dynamic-profile-page

GitHub Action to push updates to your special profile repository.

Shell18 Star6 Fork
#5 umutphp/hacker-laws-cli

A CLI tool for Hacker-Laws Repo

Go12 Star0 Fork
#6 umutphp/wp-vulnerability-check-github-action

wp-vulnerability-check Github Action

Dockerfile9 Star2 Fork
#7 umutphp/visualize-gitlabci

A command-line tool to visualize Gitlab pipeline by using .gitlabci.yml file of your repo. Managed on and mirrored to this repo.

PHP8 Star1 Fork
#8 umutphp/github-stats

Command-line tool to get the total traffic statistics of your GitHub repositories.

Go7 Star0 Fork
#9 umutphp/hacker-laws-action

An action to an add random hacker law as a comment to the pull request.

Shell4 Star0 Fork
#10 umutphp/docker-slim-for-ci

Dockerfile for Docker-Slim to be used in CI tools.

Dockerfile3 Star0 Fork
#11 umutphp/php-magic-number-check-action

A GitHub action for performing magic number check on the repo.

Dockerfile3 Star2 Fork
#12 umutphp/laravel-model-recommendation

This package generates recommendation list for elequent models. It provides a simple API to work with to generate and list recommendations for a model.

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#13 umutphp/gitlabci-npm-audit-script

The script for adding "npm audit" as a step to GitlabCI pipeline.

Shell1 Star1 Fork
Shell1 Star0 Fork
#16 umutphp/PHPCS_Coercive_Standards

Coercive standards for PHP Code Sniffer.

PHP0 Star0 Fork
#17 umutphp/sensiolabs-security-checker-action

SensioLabs Security Checker Action.

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#18 umutphp/php-psecio-parse-action

Parse: A PHP Security Scanner

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#19 umutphp/phpmetrics-action

Static analysis tool for PHP

Dockerfile0 Star1 Fork