Taha Paksu

Taha Paksu


Programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file.

#1 tpaksu/jquery.slidey

A jQuery based simple slider/rotator

HTML4 Star3 Fork
#2 tpaksu/laravel-otp-login

Adds a customizable, translatable, configurable OTP verification step to Laravel Auth. You can add your own SMS provider too.

PHP4 Star2 Fork
#3 tpaksu/jquery.scrolite

A simple jQuery Scrollbar which appends to a given element to limit it's dimensions and make it scrollable via a CSS scrollbar element.

JavaScript3 Star1 Fork
#4 tpaksu/grunstrap

A boilerplate with grunt, sass, uglify, markdown for documentation with bootstrap, jquery, prism.js and toc.js

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork
#5 tpaksu/boxmodel

A CSS box-model editor interface builder input tryout

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork
#6 tpaksu/panelone

responsive panels plugin (development stage)

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork
#7 tpaksu/LCDAmp

Winamp ve CPU RAM bilgilerini seri port üzerinden PIC kontrollü LCD ekranda gösteren bir proje. 2007 yılında üniversite ara projesi olarak sunulmuştur.

Pascal1 Star0 Fork
#8 tpaksu/iButton

iButton door lock project written with CCS C compiler and simulated by Proteus ISIS

C1 Star0 Fork
#9 tpaksu/karma-code-reporter

Prepares a test report which each failed case has it's own report and inline test case.

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork
#11 tpaksu/jquery.promisque

A lightweight (1KB) jQuery promises (deferreds) queue system. Can run n queues in parallel at a time. Can be paused, resumed and cleared.

JavaScript0 Star0 Fork