Nodir Temirkhodjaev

Nodir Temirkhodjaev


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#1 tnodir/luasys

LuaSys is a portable Lua library providing access to system and networking functions. Also includes: event notification mechanism, win32 specifics (registry, service), serial communication, signals, threading and much more.

C58 Star20 Fork
#2 tnodir/fort

Fort Firewall for Windows

C++50 Star11 Fork
#3 tnodir/luapolarssl

PolarSSL [] interface to Lua.

C9 Star0 Fork
#4 tnodir/luaplsql

LuaPlSql is a Lua Plug-In framework for PL/SQL Developer IDE

C9 Star5 Fork
#5 tnodir/luafreeimage

FreeImage [] interface to Lua.

C7 Star2 Fork
#6 tnodir/luajit-windows

LuaJIT Windows Additions

Batchfile6 Star0 Fork