Soner Eker

Soner Eker


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#1 sonereker/vss

VSS (View Style Sheets) is a small Safari extension designed for web developers, VSS lets you view the current site’s style sheets.

JavaScript2 Star0 Fork
#2 sonereker/branchify

Small tool to generate branch name from a Jira issue key

Go2 Star0 Fork
CSS1 Star0 Fork
#5 sonereker/pinarkizilkaya

Personal homepage of Pınar

HTML1 Star0 Fork
#7 sonereker/grokking-algorithms

Ruby implementations of the algorithms covered in the book.

Ruby1 Star0 Fork
#8 sonereker/link-converter

An example Spring Boot (Java 15, JUnit 5) REST service application with endpoints to convert deep links to web urls, and vice versa according to given page URL patterns.

Java1 Star1 Fork
#9 sonereker/distributed-go-sandbox

Distributed applications with Go sandbox

Go1 Star0 Fork
#10 sonereker/kubbe

A place wiki with geo-location and markdown support.

Go0 Star0 Fork
#12 sonereker/rails-graphql

Rails GraphQL Example

Ruby0 Star0 Fork