Seyhun Akyürek

Seyhun Akyürek


Senior Software Specialist.IOS Developer at eBay.Swift, Objective-C, Java, Rubyist.Author of twitter-bootstrap-railsBlogger.http://seyhunakyurek

#1 seyhunak/twitter-bootstrap-rails

Twitter Bootstrap for Rails 6.0, Rails 5 - Rails 4.x Asset Pipeline

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#2 seyhunak/docker-rails

Easy usable, complete docker configuration for rails applications. Less configuration, all-in-one stack.

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#3 seyhunak/gae-todo

Sticky Todo Application for Google App Engine

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#4 seyhunak/jquery-bootstrap-rails

JQuery Bootstrap for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline

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#5 seyhunak/

Seyhun Akyürek's Website

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#6 seyhunak/Router

Better Routing for IOS Applications with Router in Swift

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#7 seyhunak/StarterBoilerplate

StarterBoilerplate - MVVM, Router, Presenter, Extensions all you need to get started new project!

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#8 seyhunak/dotfiles

My dotfiles (vim - tmux - oh-my-zsh - airline)

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#9 seyhunak/WP-Authorinfo

Widget that adds author information box with social bookmarking links to your sidebar

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#10 seyhunak/profiler_rails

A Profiler for your Rails application, based on ruby-prof that supports flat, graph and stack output

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#11 seyhunak/MessangerSDKDemo

MessangerSDKDemo - Facebook Messanger SDK using Swift

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#12 seyhunak/AtomSpinnerView

AtomSpinnerView (Atom like Spinner Animation With Quartzcode on Swift)

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#13 seyhunak/StyleManager

Styling Your IOS Application Using Chameleon with the reusable StyleManager in Swift.

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#14 seyhunak/CoreML-ProofOfConcept

Using Apple's Core ML to build a proof of concept application using Unsplash and Inceptionv3 Model

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#15 seyhunak/demoapp

Demoapp for Opworks

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#18 seyhunak/SwiftDemo

SwiftDemo - Hello World Application

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#19 seyhunak/FullProgressView

FullProgressView - Full Page Spinner

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#20 seyhunak/PrintlnLog

PrintlnLog (super simple log printer for Swift)

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#22 seyhunak/seyhunakBot

It is a bot! His name is seyhunak. He is conversational bot built for myself

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#23 seyhunak/ReachabilityManager

Handling Internet Connection Using Reachability Framework With ReachabilityManager Raw

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#25 seyhunak/GenericCellBoilerplate

GenericCellBoilerplate is simple Generic CellType implementation for different dataModel's using GenericCell

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#26 seyhunak/CryptoBandWeb

CryptoBand Website

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