Payam Saderi

Payam Saderi


DevOps Engineer

#1 saderi/freshping-telegram

Use webhook to send notification through Telegram App when website is down

PHP14 Star5 Fork
#2 saderi/freshping-sms-gateway

Use webhook to send SMS when website is down

PHP4 Star0 Fork
#3 saderi/L3

This is a docker-compose file for start nginx ,php-fpm ,mongoDB and mysql.

PHP3 Star2 Fork
#4 saderi/radio-slow-time-songs

10 last songs are played at Radio Slow Time

PHP2 Star1 Fork
#5 saderi/aliases

This is my linx aliases I that use most of the time.

Shell2 Star0 Fork
#6 saderi/LogoSource-wptheme Theme

JavaScript1 Star1 Fork
#7 saderi/Materialize-css-with-gulp

This is the gulpfile.js for Materialize front-end framework.

HTML1 Star0 Fork
#8 saderi/imdb-to-json

Convert movie info to JSON for this ( repository

Shell1 Star1 Fork
#9 saderi/agent_smith

This is experimental bash script for monitoring some small things on server.

Shell1 Star0 Fork
#10 saderi/Kraken

Wordpress theme With Foundation front-end framework

CSS0 Star0 Fork
#11 saderi/my-landingpage

My personal website landing page

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#12 saderi/lemmpn

Docker / PHP / nginx / MongoDB / MySQL / Nodejs

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#14 saderi/curl-uploader

This is simple bash script for upload files and folders with curl.

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#16 saderi/lamp-docker

Test LAMP with docker

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#17 saderi/vue-backup-app

A project for file backup using node js and vue

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