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Ruby3 Star1 Fork9 Haziran 2008
#2 havan/porsuk

Porsuk is a django project to collect informations about Pardus packages from official repos and provide them in a cool interface

Python3 Star5 Fork30 Temmuz 2008
#3 ozgun/sopar

A simple and personal blog and CMS application in Ruby on Rails

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork10 Eylül 2008
#4 ozgun/railsmovies

a simple rails based move database

Ruby3 Star1 Fork14 Ekim 2008
#5 rglass/rgfontmap

A tool for comparing different typefaces.

Java2 Star0 Fork27 Aralık 2008
#6 rglass/buddha-bum

Exotic sorting library in python.

Python2 Star0 Fork27 Aralık 2008
#7 edgerunner/

Radiant CMS port of my own website

JavaScript2 Star0 Fork12 Ocak 2009
#8 kuzux/zdbk

An OODB(Object Oriented Database) purely written in Ruby

Ruby3 Star1 Fork17 Ocak 2009
#9 rglass/random-color

Displays a webpage with a random color on it.

JavaScript2 Star0 Fork28 Şubat 2009
#10 edgerunner/radiant-redirect-extension

Simple extension for Radiant CMS that keeps a list of redirections in the database

Ruby2 Star0 Fork13 Mart 2009
#11 edgerunner/radiant-google-search-extension

Get search results from the Google AJAX/REST search API to display in your Radiant pages

Ruby5 Star0 Fork16 Mart 2009
#12 tukan/acts_as_premoderatable

This act gives an Active Record model the ability to act as a premoderatable document.

Ruby3 Star0 Fork24 Mart 2009
#13 c1982/togi

Togi Twitter Client

C#5 Star5 Fork6 Nisan 2009
#14 yakbay/adgtools

ADG's collection of tools

Shell1 Star0 Fork23 Mayıs 2009
#15 rglass/Max

Example project for wikipedia.

C1 Star0 Fork30 Mayıs 2009
PHP1 Star0 Fork3 Haziran 2009
#17 ozgurkuru/paketler

pardus packages

Python1 Star0 Fork6 Haziran 2009
#18 mua/jshooter

Java Space Shooter Game

Java1 Star2 Fork8 Haziran 2009
#19 caliskanfurkan/zargan-sozluk-plasma

a kde4 plasmoid for well-known turkish-english online dictionary zargan

Python2 Star0 Fork12 Haziran 2009
#20 caliskanfurkan/kitapci

e-book arşivleri için yönetim programı

Python1 Star0 Fork25 Haziran 2009
#21 rglass/emacs-karl-hans

wie nerdhosting aber mit dem emacs

Emacs Lisp1 Star0 Fork27 Haziran 2009
#22 adedebali07/Veri_Yapilari

Veri Yapıları dersinde verdiğim ödevleri bulabilirsiniz.

C#1 Star0 Fork19 Temmuz 2009
#23 muhuk/django-renderformplain

Render Django forms in plaintext

Python7 Star0 Fork19 Temmuz 2009
#24 adedebali07/C_Programlamaya_Giris

C Dersinde Verdiğim Ödevleri Burada Bulabilirsiniz

C++1 Star0 Fork19 Temmuz 2009
#25 kuzux/lispcan

a lisp interpreter written in ruby

Common Lisp2 Star0 Fork28 Ağustos 2009
#26 askin/kelebekpisi

Kelebek PiSi Packages

Python1 Star0 Fork29 Ağustos 2009
#27 askin/

Post 2 Delicious firefox extension

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork31 Ağustos 2009
#28 aduket/configs

backup and share place for my configs

Shell1 Star0 Fork2 Eylül 2009
#29 xaph/xaphtrick

my config files

Ruby1 Star0 Fork9 Eylül 2009
#30 rimbi/rygel

Rygel the GNOME UPnP MediaServer (public mirror of my personal repo). WARNING: This is just a personal playground repo.

C1 Star0 Fork9 Eylül 2009