Engin Polat

Engin Polat


Senior Software Engineer @microsoft

#1 polatengin/project-standards

Opinionated standards for projects, such as, Naming Conventions, Best Practices, etc.

Dockerfile20 Star3 Fork
#2 polatengin/oslo

.Net Core Backend, Angular Frontend, Docker, Kubernetes, DevContainer

TypeScript17 Star5 Fork
#4 polatengin/polatengin.github.io

Programcıdan Programcıya

HTML12 Star0 Fork
#5 polatengin/devopstips.net

Azure DevOps and GitHub tips

TypeScript8 Star0 Fork
#6 polatengin/dublin

20 Eylül 2017 tarihinde Bora Kaşmer ile yaptığımız etkinliğin kodları

TypeScript7 Star1 Fork
#7 polatengin/B05277

PacktPub B05277 Asp.Net Core 2.0 MVC book projects

HTML4 Star2 Fork
#8 polatengin/berlin

Arcelik Cayirova Campus Daily Food Menu Mobile Application

JavaScript2 Star0 Fork
#9 polatengin/edinburgh

Flickr Search Application

C#1 Star0 Fork
#10 polatengin/blog-codes

Blog'umda yeralan projelerin kodları

C#1 Star0 Fork
#11 polatengin/paris

Piano app developed in Typescript (Typescript ile örnek Piano uygulaması)

HTML1 Star0 Fork
#12 polatengin/budapest

Logout user when inactive for a certain amount of time in a Typescript project

Dockerfile1 Star0 Fork
#13 polatengin/moscow

Display notification on a webpage using Typescript

TypeScript1 Star0 Fork
#14 polatengin/bern

Hackorona project

TypeScript1 Star1 Fork
#15 polatengin/amsterdam

Guideline to run Jenkins on ACI (Azure Container Instances)

Groovy1 Star0 Fork
#16 polatengin/vienna

Web and Mobile projects to help Health Workers about the COVID19 Pandemic

TypeScript1 Star0 Fork
#17 polatengin/dotfiles

Engin Polat's dotfiles repository

Shell1 Star1 Fork
#18 polatengin/minsk

Display and live-update sales data on a map

HTML1 Star0 Fork
#19 polatengin/prague

UI remake of the Retrospective Extension for Azure DevOps

TypeScript1 Star1 Fork
#20 polatengin/sarajevo

.Net 5 backend , Unity3D game project with DevOps features. Made for Game Dev Conference , March 2021

C#1 Star0 Fork
#21 polatengin/athens

Sample web app to demonstrate socket connection between client and server

TypeScript1 Star0 Fork
#23 polatengin/copenhagen

Guideline to use GitHub Packages as Docker Registry

Shell1 Star0 Fork
#24 polatengin/madrid

Web app similar to keycode.info

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork
#25 polatengin/ankara

CLI tool to generate codenames for projects and check if it's available in Azure or not

TypeScript0 Star0 Fork
#26 polatengin/azure-nodejs-sdk-websitemanagement-issue

There is an issue with the documentation or the API surface of the WebsiteManagement class of the Azure NodeJs SDK

TypeScript0 Star0 Fork
#27 polatengin/kiev

SSH Configuration Helper PowerShell script

PowerShell0 Star0 Fork
#28 polatengin/armtemplate-with-nestedtemplates

Testing for ARM Nested Templates

C#0 Star0 Fork
#29 polatengin/london

All the required files and guidelines to run Azure DevOps Build Agents on your Kubernetes Cluster

PowerShell0 Star0 Fork
#30 polatengin/lisbon

Multi Widget Azure DevOps Marketplace Extension

Dockerfile0 Star0 Fork