Mehmet Akif Tütüncü

Mehmet Akif Tütüncü


👨🏻 Computer Engineer, human of 1 (one) cat -💻 @numbrs, previously @sahibinden, @vngrs -🎓 IZTECH

#1 makiftutuncu/MuezzinAPI

A web server application for Islamic prayer times

Scala32 Star3 Fork
#2 makiftutuncu/e

A zero-dependency micro library to deal with errors

Scala21 Star3 Fork
#3 makiftutuncu/kodluyoruz-scala

Content of Scala Lecture on Kodluyoruz

Scala17 Star26 Fork
#4 makiftutuncu/Toolbelt

An Android library for common tools and utilities

Java15 Star0 Fork
#5 makiftutuncu/Muezzin

An Android application for Islamic prayer times

Java13 Star7 Fork
#6 makiftutuncu/MyKentKart

My KentKart is an Android application for KentKart.

Java12 Star2 Fork
#7 makiftutuncu/bookstore

Sample app demonstrating web backend testing in Scala

Scala6 Star2 Fork
#8 makiftutuncu/durum

Dürüm: Delicious HTTP Wrapper

Scala6 Star0 Fork
#9 makiftutuncu/Muezzin-BitBar

A CLI tool and a BitBar plugin for Islamic prayer times

Shell5 Star0 Fork
#10 makiftutuncu/tisikkirlir

@askn'nin tisikkirlir gem'inin Scala uyarlaması

Scala4 Star1 Fork
#11 makiftutuncu/Errors

An easy-to-use library written in Scala for providing immutable, lightweight, extensible way to represent errors in your project

Scala4 Star1 Fork
#12 makiftutuncu/exchange-bitbar

A CLI tool and a BitBar plugin for exchange rates

Shell4 Star0 Fork
#13 makiftutuncu/eshotroid-legacy

An Android application to check bus times for ESHOT İzmir

Java3 Star2 Fork
#14 makiftutuncu/trump

Simple REST API to shout out tweets

Scala3 Star0 Fork
#15 makiftutuncu/exchange

REST API providing exchange rates and conversions

Java3 Star0 Fork
#16 makiftutuncu/ScalaBlogOrnekleri

Scala ile ilgili yazdığım bloğumdaki örnekler

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#17 makiftutuncu/scala-workshop

Material and Documents for the Scala Workshop in @vngrs

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#18 makiftutuncu/scrabble-api

Scrabble Game API in Java

TSQL2 Star0 Fork
#19 makiftutuncu/kotlin-for-backends

Code from Kotlin for Backends Talk

Kotlin2 Star0 Fork
#20 makiftutuncu/downloadandunzip

A sample Android application that downloads a zip file via internet connection and then extracts the contents of it

Java1 Star1 Fork
#21 makiftutuncu/simplelogin

A simple login mechanism written in Scala and Play Framework

Scala1 Star0 Fork
#22 makiftutuncu/peoplemeter

Web panel for Raspberry Pi Peoplemeter

Scala1 Star0 Fork
#23 makiftutuncu/EshotroidPlusAndroid

Eshotroid is an Android application.

Java1 Star0 Fork
#24 makiftutuncu/quupNotificationsAndroid

Client application for receiving notifications from

Java1 Star0 Fork
#25 makiftutuncu/EshotroidPlusServer

A server application providing information about public buses in İzmir, Turkey

Scala1 Star0 Fork
#26 makiftutuncu/typeclass-lightning-talk

Repository for my Lightning Talk about typeclasses at @vngrs

Scala1 Star0 Fork
#27 makiftutuncu/astroturf

Android Wear App to Keep Scores in an Astroturf Football Match

Kotlin1 Star0 Fork
#28 makiftutuncu/as

No-macro, no-reflection, opinionated type refinement for Scala, powered by e

Scala1 Star0 Fork
#29 makiftutuncu/textinstead

An Android application letting you easily text a person you cannot reach after trying to give call

Java0 Star0 Fork
#30 makiftutuncu/twittercik

A tiny Twitter-like web application written in Scala and Play Framework

Scala0 Star0 Fork