Bu şehir için toplam 30 geliştrici ve 69 repo bulunuyor.

#1 eminfedar/widgetci

a Cross-Platform Widget Management App. (Win/Linux/Mac)

C++21 Star3 Fork
#2 eminfedar/async-sockets-cpp

Simple thread-based asynchronous TCP & UDP Socket classes in C++.

C++9 Star2 Fork
#3 nlgzrgn/NFSUExOpts

Need for Speed Underground Extra Options

C++8 Star2 Fork
#4 eminfedar/debins

a Simple One-Click .Deb Package Installer

QML8 Star1 Fork
#5 eminfedar/easyprograminstaller

Install Linux programs easily after a fresh boot. (Only for Debian-Based Distros)

C++7 Star0 Fork
#6 eminfedar/vaktisalah

a Qt-Based Prayer Times application for Win/Linux/Mac

QML6 Star2 Fork
#7 nlgzrgn/NFSMWHUDAdapter

Auto-Adjusts HUD objects according to your aspect ratio. (WIP)

C++5 Star0 Fork
#8 nlgzrgn/NFSCUnlimiter

Need for Speed Carbon Unlimiter

C++4 Star0 Fork
#9 nlgzrgn/NFSCHUDAdapter

Auto-Adjusts HUD objects according to your aspect ratio. (WIP)

C++3 Star0 Fork
#10 eminfedar/lempelz-simple-compression

a Basic LempelZ compression (LZ78) application in C++

C++3 Star0 Fork
#11 nlgzrgn/SATEditor

An editor for NFS FNG files.

C#2 Star0 Fork
#12 nlgzrgn/Ed

The Car Dealer

C#2 Star1 Fork
#14 nlgzrgn/NFSCWingman

Make your crew great again!

C++1 Star0 Fork
#15 nlgzrgn/NFSMWUnlimiter

Fixes some issues for added cars.

C++1 Star0 Fork
#16 hazal/tablestoruby

make a new table with using two text file in table form

Ruby1 Star0 Fork
#18 UgurIpekduzen/Calculator-Assembly

It's a simple calculator project including the four operations.

Assembly1 Star0 Fork
#19 timemrah/ajaxCom

A simple way to manage the Ajax process result by the PHP server.

HTML1 Star1 Fork
C1 Star0 Fork
#21 ozgurozkaya/VanetRC

Vanet Routing Compare, written in ns-3 (c++)

C++1 Star0 Fork
#22 zainabaaj/airline-db-system-with-design-patterns

a database-like project for saving updating and deleting data from an airline system

C#1 Star0 Fork
#23 zainabaaj/Z-cups

coffee shop system

C#1 Star0 Fork
#24 birhann/Database-Management-Program

Database management program with mysql module in PyQt5

Python1 Star0 Fork
#25 nlgzrgn/SpikeyMike

A small tool to help you with .obj files.

C#0 Star0 Fork
#26 nlgzrgn/NFSU2TraxRenamer

NFS Underground 2 Trax Renamer: A script mod to rename EA Trax without HEX editing the .exe file.

C++0 Star0 Fork
#27 nlgzrgn/NFSUTraxRenamer

NFS Underground Trax Renamer: A script mod to rename EA Trax without HEX editing the .exe file.

C++0 Star0 Fork
#28 nlgzrgn/Labrune

The Language Editor for NFS Games!

C#0 Star0 Fork
#29 eminfedar/simple-libuv-sockets

Simple libuv-based single-threaded asynchronous TCP & UDP socket classes in C++.

C++0 Star0 Fork
#30 bozalp/Charge_Info

Laptop Charge Info

C#0 Star0 Fork