Bu şehir için toplam 134 geliştrici ve 580 repo bulunuyor.

#1 oguzhaninan/Stacer

Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring -

C++4,442 Star354 Fork
#2 oguzhaninan/Buka

EBook Management

JavaScript648 Star86 Fork
#3 oguzhaninan/korkut

Quick and simple image processing at the command line. :hammer:

TypeScript232 Star4 Fork
#4 nozer/quill-delta-to-html

Converts Quill's delta ops to HTML

TypeScript180 Star51 Fork
#5 universal-word/universal-word

Can easily translate a word in the subtitle to multiple languages.

JavaScript104 Star1 Fork
#6 apoStyLEE/vueaudioplayer

vue audio player

JavaScript21 Star3 Fork
#7 hyOzd/serialplot

THIS IS A MIRROR. Small and simple software for plotting data from serial port in realtime.

C++19 Star9 Fork
#8 MustaphaTR/Generals-Alpha

Generals Alpha is an OpenRA mod that recreates Command & Conquer: Generals on OpenRA engine as much as possible but using Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn artworks.

Lua17 Star3 Fork
#9 MustaphaTR/Romanovs-Vengeance

Romanov's Vengeance is an OpenRA mod based on Red Alert 2.

C#17 Star2 Fork
#10 apoStyLEE/aSanalPos

.Net için Bankaların Sanal Posları

C#16 Star7 Fork
Python14 Star3 Fork
#12 oguzhaninan/sshcon

Quick and simple SSH config management tool

TypeScript14 Star1 Fork
#13 muhammet-mucahit/Yemek-Yemek-App

The Flutter App provides some foods, recipes, favorite recipes of users and suggestion of recipe.

Dart14 Star1 Fork
#14 whthT/perfectly-cache

Laravel database, model cache package.

PHP12 Star0 Fork
#16 oguzhanbaser/ethernet

Internet with Arduino

Arduino9 Star1 Fork
#17 unicrow/unicrowbase

Django and Sass Base of Project

Shell9 Star0 Fork
#18 TrabzonHackerspace/Group-Training

Group Training Sunumları

HTML8 Star0 Fork
#19 muhammet-mucahit/Artificial-Neural-Networks

Includes Single Neuron Implementation and Single Layer(Multi Neuron) Implementation

C++7 Star0 Fork
#20 acemimhnds/ZemberekTests

Zemberek kütüphanesinin kullanıldığı bir java projesi

Java7 Star3 Fork
#21 unicrow/sassbase

Sass Base of Project

CSS7 Star1 Fork
#22 mucahiddogan/C-lab51

🚀 C Programlama dili örnekleri

C6 Star0 Fork
#24 KtuSec/

🚀 KtuSec Siber Güvenlik Kulübü resmi web sitesi.

HTML6 Star2 Fork
#25 acemimhnds/Play_Zemberek

Zemberek kütüphanesinin kullanıldığı bir play uygulaması

Java5 Star5 Fork
#26 MustaphaTR/sole-survivor

Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor mod for OpenRA.

C#5 Star2 Fork
#27 whthT/form-validation

Easy Jquery Form Validation

HTML5 Star0 Fork
#29 muhammet-mucahit/MyQuora

Web Project like Quora with Spring MVC, Hibernate and Maven

Java4 Star2 Fork
#30 muhammet-mucahit/Shopping-Cart

Trendyol Second-Level Challenge

Java4 Star0 Fork