Bu şehir için toplam 163 geliştrici ve 429 repo bulunuyor.

#1 enesozturk/rn-swipeable-panel

Swipeable bottom panel for React Native 📱

JavaScript109 Star20 Fork
#2 ybgirgin3/KDynamic

An Alternative to MacOS Mojave Dynamic Theme and Wallpaper Changer for KDE Plasma 5

Python31 Star1 Fork
#3 alpers/LinQR

The bookmarklet and extensions generate QRCode of the current URL for viewing on mobile devices (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Opera/Safari)

HTML18 Star0 Fork
#4 kriptontr/fireImgOptimizer

Dead simple image resize & optimize module for Firebase Cloud Functions

JavaScript11 Star2 Fork
#5 ozziest/turkLirasiMaskesi

Türk Lirası girişlerinde kullanılacak basit maskeleme kütüphanesi.

JavaScript10 Star4 Fork
#6 enesozturk/chatectron

Web socket implementation with & Electron & React JS 💬 🖥

JavaScript10 Star2 Fork
#7 srfaytkn/react-native-form-validator

A simple validation library for react native

JavaScript8 Star5 Fork
#8 ozziest/overdose

Overdose is a guardian which is protects your system from request floods.

PHP7 Star0 Fork
#9 ozziest/patika

Patika is a routing package which you don't have to define the routes.

PHP7 Star0 Fork
#10 ahirarge/velocity

Velocity is a url analyzer/profiler for Laravel 4.

PHP7 Star0 Fork
#11 ozziest/mavidurak-blog-chrome-extension

Mavidurak-IO Blog Reader For Chrome

JavaScript6 Star0 Fork
Kotlin5 Star0 Fork
#13 mavidurak/askMe

Mavidurak-IO Uygulama Geliştirme Atölyesi

HTML5 Star0 Fork
#14 ozziest/consozzy

Simple Console Application

PHP4 Star0 Fork
#15 enesozturk/nextjs-page-transitions

Page transition example with React Spring on Next Js application

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork
#16 enesozturk/hyper-rename-tab

Hyper plugin to rename your tabs

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork
HTML4 Star7 Fork
#19 ozziest/windrider

Windrider is a simple and useful validation library which you can use it on your projects.

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#20 ozziest/cron-manager

Cron Manager is a manager which you can define cron jobs easily without think about the cron regex.

JavaScript3 Star0 Fork
#21 ozziest/di

This is a simple dependency injection manager.

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#22 batuhanozkan/Voting-application-based-on-blockchain-architecture

Voting Application based on blockchain architecture

Vue3 Star0 Fork
#23 ahirarge/former

Former is a file upload form creator with Bootstrap 3 for Laravel 4

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#24 mavidurak/mavidurak-cli-php

Mavidurak için PHP ile yazılmış Command Line okuyucusu.

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#25 ozziest/face-detector

Face detector for Laravel 4.

PHP2 Star0 Fork
HTML2 Star0 Fork
#29 ybgirgin3/Resistor-Calculator

Basic Resistor Calculator with Python3

Python2 Star0 Fork
#30 ensarakkuzey/keycodes

Javascript Key Codes

CSS2 Star0 Fork