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#1 ardalahmet/SSPhotoCropperViewController

SSPhotoCropperViewController is a custom view controller that provides UI for cropping and scaling photos in iPhone / iPod Touch apps.

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#2 ardalahmet/SSCheckBoxView

SSCheckBoxView is a check box UI control for iOS apps.

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#3 ardalahmet/CopyableCell

A demo iPhone project that shows how to make UITableView cells copyable.

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#4 ardalahmet/EmailableCell

A demo iPhone project that shows how to make UITableView cells with email addresses copyable and emailable.

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#5 ardalahmet/CustomizingNavigationBarBackground

This is a demo project that shows how to customize the appearance of UINavigationBar in iPhone apps by drawing custom backgrounds and changing the tint color. It also supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations.

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#6 ardalahmet/SSLocationManager

SSLocationManager is a compact obj-c library written for iOS for obtaining detailed location information using CoreLocation and Yahoo! PlaceFinder API.

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#7 ardalahmet/DisableSubviews

A handy NSView category for disabling & enabling UI elements in Cocoa apps.

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#8 ardalahmet/UIWebViewHttpStatusCodeHandling

A demo iOS project to demonstrate how to detect and handle http status codes while using UIWebViews.

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CSS10 Star3 Fork
#10 selimanac/DAABBCC

AABBs tree native extension for Defold Engine

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#11 ardalahmet/GANHelpersDemo

A demo application showing how to use GANHelpers, a helper class for accessing google analytics in iOS apps.

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#12 ardalahmet/UIDevice-SystemVersion

A simple, handy UIDevice category that makes checking system version easy in iOS apps.

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#15 ardalahmet/PresentingCustomViewsModally

A demo iPhone project that shows how to present custom views in a modal manner. Supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations.

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#19 yunusbassahan/JavaScriptGereksizProjeler

Javascript ile birbirinden gereksiz problemleri çözme şeysi...

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#20 MSKU-BcRG/Hyperledger_Composer_Fabric_Kurulum_Rehberi

MSKU BcRG için Hyperledger Fabric ve Composer basit kurulum rehberi. Bu depoda takıma kurulum kodlarını ulaştırmak ve oluşabilecek hataların çözümlenmesini sağlamak amaçlanmıştır. Daha fazla ayrıntı için issue'lardan destek alabilirsiniz.

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#21 ardalahmet/AsyncImageLoadingExample

This is a demo iPhone project briefly describing how to load images in background while the app is runningwithout making the UI unresponsive. The same logic can be applied to any type of resources other than images.

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#22 ardalahmet/ToDoListApp

A simple demo application I've written in a seminar I gave on "Introduction to iPhone Development" at Kadir Has University in İstanbul, on Mar 24, 2011.

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#24 hakan280/solr-web-UI

It provides a web user interface to communicate with solr server

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#25 uozcan12/R-TwitterDataApplications

Web Mining Class Final Project

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#26 eralpdogu/MSstatsQC

A Bioconductor/R package for longitudinal system suitability monitoring and quality control for proteomic experiments

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#27 ardalahmet/EyeballAnimation

A simple demo application to give an idea on iPhone game development with UIKit framework.

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#28 selimanac/defold-colyseus-tic-tac-toe

Colyseus example with Defold Engine

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#29 oznetyazilim/

Official blog of Öznet Yazılım built with Jekyll.

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#30 hakan280/NLP_PROJECT

Sentiment analysistechnology product comments

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