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#1 halilb/react-native-textinput-effects

Text inputs with custom label and icon animations for iOS and android. Built with react native and inspired by Codrops.

JavaScript2,643 Star276 Fork
#2 halilb/react-native-photo-browser

Local and remote media gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react native.

JavaScript642 Star178 Fork
#3 thg-consulting/it

IT, Inspector Tiger is a modern python code review tool / framework.

Python73 Star3 Fork
#4 halilb/react-native-chess

A simple chess client

JavaScript55 Star19 Fork
#5 right7ctrl/flutter_floating_bottom_navigation_bar

Floating bottom navigation package for flutter

Dart29 Star8 Fork
#6 right7ctrl/flutter_astrology_app

Flutter astrology app ui

Dart25 Star2 Fork
#7 emregeldegul/tfc

Simple Translate App From Clipboard (Translate From Clipboard)

Python21 Star1 Fork
#8 emregeldegul/confidant

Daily Application

HTML12 Star0 Fork
Dart11 Star6 Fork
#10 FurkanGozukara/CSE105-2019-introduction-to-programming

Introduction to Programming CSE105 - 2019 - Toros University

C#10 Star0 Fork
#11 FurkanGozukara/Advanced-Programming-2020

Advanced Programming 2020 CSE108 Toros University Mersin

C#10 Star0 Fork
#12 the-turk/flarum-mathren

An extension that handles TeX math rendering for your Flarum forum.

JavaScript8 Star4 Fork
#13 FurkanGozukara/CSE215-2019-object-oriented-programming-with-cSharp

Object Oriented Course with C#, Toros University, 2019

C#7 Star3 Fork
#14 volkanaktas/Image-Resizer

Resize all images in a folder with go language

Go7 Star1 Fork
#15 volkanaktas/TurtaRoleKontrol

Raspberry Pi Turta röle kartını görsel arayüz üzerinden kontrol eden python dili ile yazılmış program

Python6 Star0 Fork
#16 volkanaktas/ImageCompare_WinForm

The VC ++ application that compares a picture using an opencv library with images in a folder.

C++6 Star0 Fork
#17 right7ctrl/flutter-alertify

Flutter package that shows well animated sweet alert dialogs with 5 different styles @flutter

Dart5 Star2 Fork
#18 mustgundogdu/ASENA

Network Analyse Tool

Python5 Star0 Fork
#19 osman-turan/ammo.js-typings

TypeScript type definitions auto-generated by parsing official WebIDL bindings for Ammo.js

TypeScript5 Star4 Fork
#20 halilb/angular-number-spinner

This is an AngularJS directive that replicates jQueryUI-spinner's work.

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork
#21 the-turk/flarum-stargazing-theme

Purple based theme for your Flarum forum.

CSS4 Star2 Fork
#22 the-turk/flarum-welcome-widgets

Lets users know what's been changed since their last visit.

JavaScript4 Star0 Fork
Vue3 Star1 Fork
#24 right7ctrl/flutter_tic_toc_toe

flutter tic-toc-toe game

Dart3 Star0 Fork
#25 the-turk/flarum-diff

View post edit histories in Flarum.

PHP3 Star2 Fork
#26 the-turk/flarum-scrubber-fix

Prevent scrubber from going above the footer.

JavaScript3 Star1 Fork
#27 osman-turan/CashAddr-Test-Vector-Generator

CashAddr (Bitcoin Cash address format) test vector generator from Bitcoin addresses

JavaScript3 Star0 Fork
#28 hasanunal/homebridge-turkey

Homebridge kullanarak geliştirdiğim projeyi tüm kaynakları ile paylaşıyorum.

Python3 Star0 Fork
#30 Smaiil/whatsapp-api

A messaging API for WhatsApp made using nodeJS

JavaScript3 Star0 Fork