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#1 myazarc/ytdownloader

Youtube Video Downloader&Converter and Play Music

Vue75 Star24 Fork
#2 myazarc/AsarUI

UI for Asar Pack

JavaScript49 Star9 Fork
#3 zeknoss/vue-magnifier

A simple VueJS component for image magnifying / product zooming

Vue48 Star11 Fork
#4 ygunayer/realtime-messaging

Real-time data delivery on Spring Boot using STOMP over WebSockets

Java29 Star13 Fork
#5 zeknoss/empire-admin

A Vue + Nuxt + Bootstrap 4 admin panel. And it's open-source!

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#7 theilgazcode/FGX

This is a repacked FGX Components for Delphi 10.4 Sydney. This pack is compatible with Delphi 10.3 Rio and earlier versions.

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#8 kazimolmez/compressor.io-php


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#10 theilgazcode/FireMonkeyInstagramApp

Sample Instagram UI design project made with Embarcadero Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

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#11 theilgazcode/ScaleObjects

Scale your Delphi Application forms and form components automatically. This is an example project for ScaleForm function which helps you to re-scale your form and inner components of your form with the ratio and dimention you wished.

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#13 theilgazcode/MessageDlgFMXDemo

MessageDlg lib usage demo for Delphi FireMonkey framework

Pascal10 Star2 Fork
#14 ultimateFB/MngKargoApi

Mng Kargo web servisleri için hazırlanmış script.

PHP10 Star7 Fork
#17 theilgazcode/MyVirtualKeyboard

Delphi FMX Virtual Keyboard Management Functions

Pascal9 Star4 Fork
#18 theilgazcode/delphi-wcf-service-demo

A quick demo for implementing WCF service in Delphi projects.

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#20 theilgazcode/DelphiTutorials

This is a sandbox project for sharing example sources of my "learn programming with Delphi" video tutorial series on YouTube.

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#21 theilgazcode/fmx-printer-sample

a simple FireMonkey (FMX) dot matrix printer sample using esc/pos commands.

Pascal8 Star1 Fork
#22 ofsahof/node-ffont

a nodejs implementation of ffont

JavaScript7 Star1 Fork
#23 ygunayer/realtime-guestbook

Real-time data delivery on Spring Boot using STOMP over WebSockets

Java6 Star7 Fork
#24 ygunayer/fpjs

JavaScript ile Fonksiyonel Programlama Sunumu

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#25 theilgazcode/MatrixRain

Matrix Rain is the computer code featured in the Matrix series. I made it as C# Console App.

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Pascal6 Star1 Fork
#27 theilgazcode/TPopupMenuDemo

It generates menu items for TPopupMenu and displays. Also assigns sample event for each items in Delphi/Object Pascal.

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#28 ivyclare/Project-50_Projects_In_Deep_Learning

This Repository contains 50 projects in deep learning which I intend to do over a period of 1 year

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