Bu şehir için toplam 181 geliştrici ve 530 repo bulunuyor.

#1 myazarc/ytdownloader

Youtube Video Downloader&Converter and Play Music

JavaScript34 Star9 Fork
#2 erayaydin/jekyll-bulma

Jekyll Bulma Theme | Bulma.io Jekyll Template for Developers

CSS24 Star16 Fork
#3 myazarc/AsarUI

UI for Asar Pack

JavaScript22 Star3 Fork
#4 burakdilek/AndroVoip

Simple Softphone aplication based on android-ngn-stack library

Java15 Star5 Fork
#5 erayaydin/i3-manager

i3 Manager Tool - Written with Python and Qt

Python14 Star0 Fork
#6 theilgazcode/FGX

This is a repacked FGX Components for Delphi 10.3 Rio

Pascal11 Star2 Fork
#7 erayaydin/powernot

Power Notification Tool for i3 Window Manager

Shell9 Star1 Fork
#8 erayaydin/laravel-todo-vuejs

Laravel 5.4 and VueJS Todo Application Example

JavaScript8 Star3 Fork
#9 tuvaergun/Ruby-Tutorial

lyk2015 Ruby Tutorial

Ruby8 Star6 Fork
#10 erayaydin/phaser-project

Phaser Project Starter Template

JavaScript7 Star0 Fork
#11 theilgazcode/ScaleObjects

Scale your Delphi Application forms and form components automatically. This is an example project for ScaleForm function which helps you to re-scale your form and inner components of your form with the ratio and dimention you wished.

Pascal7 Star4 Fork
#12 erayaydin/lamp-vhost-manager

LAMP Virtual Host Manager

Shell5 Star0 Fork
#13 erayaydin/html5-generator

HTML5 Generator with Assets!

CSS5 Star0 Fork
#14 erayaydin/dotfiles

Arch Linux Lightweight Development Environment (Little Bit Out Of Date)

Vim script5 Star0 Fork
#15 choyan/KreFolio

Onepage Startup Agency Landing Page Template

HTML5 Star7 Fork
#16 maksatweb/compressor.io-php


PHP5 Star3 Fork
#17 erayaydin/python-bootstrap

Python Development Environment Installer

Shell4 Star0 Fork
#19 FatihZor/Home-Simulation-Project

OOP Tabanlı C# Dili İle Yazılmış Ev Simülasyon Projesi

C#4 Star1 Fork
C3 Star0 Fork
#21 burakdilek/Calculable

Android Calculating Game

Java3 Star0 Fork
#22 webjektiff/stticker

Stticker Project

JavaScript3 Star1 Fork
#23 webjektiff/Paynet

Paynet Sanal Pos

PHP3 Star0 Fork
#24 erayaydin/node-tycoon

NodeJS Tycoon Game

JavaScript2 Star0 Fork
HTML2 Star1 Fork
#26 erayaydin/ticket

High Ticket System

PHP2 Star1 Fork
CSS2 Star1 Fork
#28 erayaydin/xgraphic

Nvidia and Bumblebee Switcher For Linux

Python2 Star2 Fork
#29 erayaydin/lyk17-php

Linux Yaz Kampı 2017 - Web Programming with PHP - Education Log

HTML2 Star1 Fork
#30 theilgazcode/TPopupMenuDemo

It generates menu items for TPopupMenu and displays. Also assigns sample event for each items in Delphi/Object Pascal.

Pascal2 Star2 Fork