Bu şehir için toplam 152 geliştrici ve 414 repo bulunuyor.

#1 Trojaner/Rocket-Regions

Regions for Unturned

C#10 Star13 Fork
#2 ismetertekin/Codeigniter-3D-SanalPos

Codeigniter Tüm Bankalar İçin 3D Sanal Pos Entegrasyonu

PHP10 Star6 Fork
#3 mahirozdin/Twitter-Video-Downloader

Open Source Twitter Video Downloder PHP Script

PHP9 Star5 Fork
#4 KaytenAcademy/hr-app

Human Resources Management System

C#9 Star9 Fork
PHP9 Star0 Fork
#6 Trojaner/ImperialStudio-Libraries

Proper Framework for Game Projects

C#6 Star0 Fork
#7 alperenarc/NoteLibrary

Thanks to this project, university students will be able to access the lecture notes more easily.

JavaScript6 Star2 Fork
#8 alperenarc/Beamity

This project has two stage. first stage is a content management system (Web - Admin Panel) that name is Beamity , and the second stage is an iOS application (Client Layer) that name is Museum Hunt. Thanks the CMS, Customers who contacted Beacon can see many different content that are always up to date. In short, this is a CMS with Beacon project.

JavaScript5 Star2 Fork
#9 mustafaersoyer/Advanced-Android-WebView

Advanced Android WebView App

Java5 Star3 Fork
#10 Trojaner/RocketPlus

Adding extra functionality to RocketMod API by using method hooking [Windows x64 only]. Also provides an API for .NET Method detouring

C#4 Star0 Fork
#11 Trojaner/DotNetVmtHook

Hook VMTs of a native applications from .NET

C#4 Star0 Fork
#12 Trojaner/csharp-inline-assembly

Inline Assembly Demonstration in C# using Fasm.NET and Process.NET

C#4 Star2 Fork
#13 alperenarc/EmailVerification

Email verification was performed without using Asp.net Identity.

C#4 Star1 Fork
#14 alperen23230/MuseumHunt

CMS with iBeaconPublic Museum App for iOS

Swift4 Star0 Fork
#15 funcolt/flexfun

Simple & Flex Based CSS Framework

HTML4 Star0 Fork
#16 arifmandal/Arduino

Youtube Videoları Arduino Kodları

C++4 Star0 Fork
#17 Trojaner/AudioStreamPlugin

Plugin to test components of the CM feature-audiostream branch

C#3 Star0 Fork
#20 alperenarc/PlaneGame

Similar to Flappy bird

C#3 Star0 Fork
#21 emrekacan/nodejsdersleri

Adım Adım Nodejs dersleri için örnek kodlar

JavaScript3 Star1 Fork
#22 mustafaersoyer/marketTechChallenge

Kariyer.net Android Developer Challenge

Java3 Star0 Fork
#23 alperen23230/BookApp

Bu proje tasarım için yapılmamıştır. Veri Tabanı bağlantıları ve SQL sorguları içeren bir projedir. Session Kullanımı, Insert, Update, Select, Delete... Kullanılmıştır.

ASP3 Star0 Fork
#24 batukan0emre/Snake-Game

Snake Game in Js with canvas element

HTML3 Star0 Fork
#25 furkan1499/SPI

Smart Person Identity

C#3 Star0 Fork
#27 alperenarc/ArduinoProject

This project is prepared for the course of Electronic Circuits.

C++2 Star0 Fork
#28 alperenarc/ApplicationBasis

This repository provides auxiliary classes for applications to be carried out and this is a class library.

C#2 Star0 Fork
#29 alperenarc/WebApiProject

Web Api with Authentication (API Key) Forked from @cornflourblue

C#2 Star0 Fork
#30 mustafaersoyer/MuseumHunt

Museum Android application communicating with ibeacon.

Java2 Star0 Fork