Bu şehir için toplam 60 geliştrici ve 124 repo bulunuyor.

#1 MuhammetDilmac/Html2Docx

Ruby library for creating Docx from HTML output

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#2 ramazanerikli/vue-star-rating

:star: A simple star rating component for vue apps

Vue10 Star3 Fork
#3 WeWantEdTR/MineField

Ruby Mayın Tarlası Oyunu

Ruby8 Star6 Fork
Python5 Star3 Fork
#5 MuhammetDilmac/AndroidExamples

Mobil Cihazların Programlanması Dersi Ödevleri

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#6 SymCors/Student-Club-Management-System

Management system for student clubs.

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#9 cahitberkay/Harris-Hawks-Optimization-HHO---Python-Code

Harris Hawks Optimization (HHO) - Python Code

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#10 ramazanerikli/vue-sticky-notes

:pencil2: A note taking app built with Vue.js and localStorage data persistence.

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#18 semihacmali/optimizationAlgorithm

Artificial Algea Algorithm, Grey Wolf Optimizer, Harmony Search

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#24 enurberk/webpage

My first webpage experiment. It is a static webpage. I did it using HTML and CSS. The whole design is mine.

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#25 enurberk/skills-profile-card

This project was started in Murat Yücedağ Workshop. After finished by me.

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#26 enurberk/snake_game

Simple snake game made with JS.

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#27 enurberk/RacketGame

My first game try. There are 3 options: human vs human, human vs artifical intelligence, artifical intelligence vs artifical intelligence. To play game just use "s-w" keys and "up-down" direction keys. To turn back options scene press "esc" key.

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#30 berkoflazoglu/combined2string


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