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#1 needim/noty

Dependency-free notification library that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog.

JavaScript6,056 Star950 Fork
#2 hsnaydd/moveTo

A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency

JavaScript2,325 Star87 Fork
#3 nim4/DBShield

Database firewall written in Go

Go546 Star123 Fork
#4 eserozvataf/laroux.js

Micro jquery substitute for modern browsers

JavaScript425 Star30 Fork
#5 needim/wdt-emoji-bundle

Slack like emoji picker with apple/ios, twitter/twemoji, google, emojione, facebook, messenger emoji support

JavaScript371 Star70 Fork
#6 mow/apache2nginx

Converts apache rewrite rules to nginx rewrite rules

PHP273 Star91 Fork
#7 alpcanaydin/github-stats-for-turkey

Github language, repo and developer stats for Turkey.

JavaScript232 Star21 Fork
#8 muratguzel/letsrate

The best way to add rating capabilities to your rails application and your activerecord models.

JavaScript200 Star230 Fork
#9 hsnaydd/validetta

A tiny jquery plugin for validate forms

JavaScript155 Star30 Fork
#10 sembozdemir/PermissionsKt

Handle Android Runtime Permissions in Kotlin way

Kotlin106 Star12 Fork
#11 zetaops/ulakbus

Ulakbüs - Bütünleşik Üniversite Yönetim Sistemi

Python105 Star42 Fork
#12 alpcanaydin/heygidi

Visualization of the most used words in "Gündem" category at Hurriyet.com.tr within the years.

JavaScript95 Star5 Fork
#13 ozlerhakan/mongolastic

:traffic_light: A dataset migration tool from MongoDB to Elasticsearch and vice versa.

Java90 Star21 Fork
#14 needim/termic

Termic is an idea for personal pages and terminal lovers! <3

CSS83 Star7 Fork
#15 ozlerhakan/rapid

:whale: A lightweight Docker Developer Interface for Docker Remote API

Java83 Star14 Fork
#16 needim/wdtLoading

Asana like application loading screen

JavaScript80 Star11 Fork
#17 ozlerhakan/poiji

:candy: A tiny library converting excel rows to a list of Java objects based on Apache POI

Java69 Star27 Fork
#18 zetaops/zengine

BPMN workflow based framework with Tornado, Rabbit AMQP, advanced permissions, extensible scaffolding features and more

Python68 Star21 Fork
#19 lvntayn/laravel-social-network

Laravel 5.4 - location-based social network

JavaScript68 Star67 Fork
#20 sembozdemir/ViewPagerArrowIndicator

A simple viewpager indicator that uses arrows on the left and right. (for Android)

Java59 Star11 Fork
#21 eserozvataf/sey

Simple JavaScript build tool with declarative and easy configuration

JavaScript54 Star0 Fork
#22 destan/github-label-manager

Manage and migrate your Github labels

JavaScript54 Star16 Fork
#23 alpcanaydin/emojissue

Browser extension that lets you navigate between top five positive reacted Github issue comments easily.

JavaScript53 Star3 Fork
#24 zetaops/pyoko

Pyoko is a Django-esque ORM for Riak KV

Python46 Star11 Fork
#25 c1982/GarantiVp

Garanti Bankası Sanal Pos İstemcisi

C#45 Star9 Fork
#26 irfansener/soy-agaci

Soy ağacınıza şema görünümü kazandırarak, kolayca görüntüleyin.

Vue42 Star1 Fork
#27 semihalev/sdns

Lightweight, fast dns recursive server with dnssec support

Go42 Star0 Fork
#28 sembozdemir/SpeechOrbView

A custom view that animates like voice search button in Android TV

Java39 Star3 Fork
#29 needim/numbars

number visualization with bars, like progressbar

CSS38 Star4 Fork
#30 needim/minibed

It's a mini editable, customizable playground for web

JavaScript37 Star3 Fork