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#1 muhammed/vue-interactive-paycard

Credit card form with smooth and sweet micro-interactions

JavaScript5,308 Star624 Fork
#2 ardatan/graphql-tools

:wrench: Build, mock, and stitch a GraphQL schema using the schema language

TypeScript4,230 Star650 Fork
#3 MetinSeylan/

😻 implementation for Vuejs and Vuex

JavaScript3,620 Star452 Fork
#4 mbrn/material-table

Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features

JavaScript3,079 Star976 Fork
#5 bisguzar/twitter-scraper

Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.

Python2,899 Star501 Fork
#6 ademilter/bricklayer

Lightweight and independent Pinterest-like cascading grid layout library

TypeScript2,464 Star135 Fork
#7 f/graphql.js

A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript

JavaScript2,201 Star83 Fork
#8 serengil/deepface

DeepFace: A Lightweight Deep Face Recognition and Facial Attribute Analysis (Age, Gender, Emotion and Race) Framework for Python

Python1,955 Star439 Fork
#9 f/vue-wait

Complex Loader and Progress Management for Vue/Vuex and Nuxt Applications

JavaScript1,836 Star97 Fork
#10 buraksezer/olric

Distributed cache and in-memory key/value data store. It can be used both as an embedded Go library and as a language-independent service.

Go1,825 Star71 Fork
#11 rohanrhu/gdb-frontend

☕ GDBFrontend is an easy, flexible and extensionable gui debugger.

JavaScript1,745 Star60 Fork
#12 onury/accesscontrol

Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js

TypeScript1,645 Star134 Fork
#13 yusufyilmazfr/tasarim-desenleri-turkce-kaynak

Türkçe kaynağa destek olması amacıyla oluşturulmuş bir kaynaktır. Konu anlatımın yanı sıra C# ve Java gibi birçok dilde tasarım desenlerinin uygulamasını içermektedir.

HTML1,623 Star212 Fork
#14 faruktoptas/FancyShowCaseView

An easy-to-use customisable show case view with circular reveal animation.

Kotlin1,603 Star248 Fork
#15 tenta-browser/tenta-dns

Recursive and authoritative DNS server in go, including DNSSEC and DNS-over-TLS

Go1,590 Star86 Fork
#16 asciidocfx/AsciidocFX

Asciidoc Editor and Toolchain written with JavaFX 16 (Build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides)

Java1,489 Star271 Fork
#17 turkenh/ansible-interactive-tutorial

Interactive Ansible tutorials with dead simple setup via Docker

Shell1,332 Star170 Fork
#18 gkbrk/slowloris

Low bandwidth DoS tool. Slowloris rewrite in Python.

Python1,261 Star457 Fork
#19 f/omelette

Omelette is a simple, template based autocompletion tool for Node and Deno projects with super easy API. (For Bash, Zsh and Fish)

CoffeeScript1,213 Star32 Fork
#20 pankod/superplate

A well-structured production-ready frontend boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, testing-library, styled-component, Sass, Css, .env, Fetch, Axios, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and 30+ plugin. For now, only creates projects for React and Next.js.

TypeScript1,162 Star36 Fork
#21 DragonComputer/Dragonfire

the open-source virtual assistant for Ubuntu based Linux distributions

Python1,159 Star182 Fork
#22 gkngkc/UnityStandaloneFileBrowser

A native file browser for unity standalone platforms

C#1,124 Star176 Fork
#23 0x73/SwiftIconFont

Icons fonts for iOS (Font Awesome 5, Iconic, Ionicon, Octicon, Themify, MapIcon, MaterialIcon, Foundation 3, Elegant Icon, Captain Icon)

Swift1,110 Star122 Fork
#24 pankod/next-boilerplate

A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Fetch, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and Built-in Project CLI.

TypeScript1,101 Star203 Fork
#25 hlldz/Phant0m

Windows Event Log Killer

PowerShell1,097 Star249 Fork
#26 volosoft/jtable

A JQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables.

JavaScript1,043 Star510 Fork
#27 arskom/spyne

A transport agnostic sync/async RPC library that focuses on exposing services with a well-defined API using popular protocols.

Python1,010 Star288 Fork
#28 gokcan/react-shimmer

🌠 Async loading, performant Image component for React.js

TypeScript1,005 Star27 Fork
#29 erkin/ponysay

Pony rewrite of cowsay.

Pony1,002 Star75 Fork
#30 utkusen/urlhunter

a recon tool that allows searching on URLs that are exposed via shortener services

Go978 Star71 Fork