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#1 mobiwiseco/Android-Base-Project

An Android Base Project which can be example for every Android project.

Java239 Star38 Fork
#2 sbagdat/turkish_support

Turkish character support for core ruby methods.

Ruby82 Star6 Fork
#3 iorixxx/lucene-solr-analysis-turkish

Turkish analysis components for Apache Lucene/Solr

Java73 Star16 Fork
#4 emrekose26/RecordButton

Android record button view

Kotlin68 Star13 Fork
#5 enginyenice/ReCapProject

ReCap project was created.

C#59 Star0 Fork
#6 serkanurganci/ReCapProject

Araç Kiralama Sistemi

C#58 Star1 Fork
#9 ardauzunoglu/TRScraper

TRScraper, doğal dil işleme uygulamalarında kullanılmak amacıyla geliştirilmiş, Türkçe içerik girilen büyük platformlarda metin madenciliği yapma imkanı sunan bir uygulamadır.

Python47 Star2 Fork
#10 ahmetb14/Code-Repository-For-Projects

Layered architectural projects, the projects I developed in trainings and the project I developed myself are in this warehouse.

C#42 Star0 Fork
#11 enginyenice/CS-Camp-Homeworks Homeworks

C#31 Star0 Fork
#12 sbagdat/rubykitabi

Türkçe Ruby Programlama Kitabı - Örnek Kod Deposu

Ruby30 Star8 Fork
#13 CosmicDust19/

Java - React Camp

JavaScript29 Star0 Fork
#14 emartisoft/Rastari

All-in-one Atari (ST-STe-TT-Falcon) Solution on your Raspberry Pi

C++28 Star7 Fork
#15 inomuh/indoor_localization

Open source generic ROS package for absolute indoor positioning

Python28 Star10 Fork
#16 ardauzunoglu/rte-speech-generator

Natural Language Processing to generate new speeches for the President of Turkey.

Python25 Star0 Fork
#17 ardauzunoglu/Bernard

Bernard is a voice assistant developed with gTTS. It can fulfill basic and simple tasks you give.

Python25 Star0 Fork
#18 emartisoft/IDE65XX

IDE 65XX is one of the open source IDE options available for developers working with Kick Assembler.

C++25 Star4 Fork
#19 ahmetb14/Mixed-Language-Code-Repository

The software lessons I have taken and the codes of the lessons I have learned with my own efforts and the codes I have written are stored in this repository.

JavaScript25 Star0 Fork
#20 alperkaratas/find-mentor-mobil

Mobile app for Find Mentor. Developing with React Native.

JavaScript23 Star8 Fork
#22 guneyozsan/GuneyOzsanOutThereMusicVideo

Procedurally generated, real-time, demoscene style, open source music video made with Unity 3D for Out There by Guney Ozsan.

C#20 Star0 Fork
#23 NisanurBulut/LicensePlateRecognitionSystem

It is a desktop application that performs license plate recognition from vehicle photos.

C#17 Star7 Fork
#24 batuhan3526/Tensorflow-Turkce-Kaynak-Ondan-fazla-Model-ile-Birlikte-


Jupyter Notebook17 Star1 Fork
#25 NisanurBulut/SayHiCode

This repository is for technologies and frameworks I used for the first time. Typically includes: grahql mongoDb PHP Laravel Express NextJs Apollo Angular ReactJs SemanticUI React-material Angular-MaterialWith this application, the use of react hooks and context api has been implemented.

JavaScript16 Star2 Fork
#26 emrekose26/CopyExternalDB

Copying External Database library for Android

Java16 Star0 Fork
#27 sbagdat/turkish_numeric

Translate any numeric value into Turkish text, currency notation, or text representation of money.

Ruby15 Star0 Fork
#29 hayatbiralem/inuit-displays

Simple display helpers for the inuitcss framework.

CSS14 Star0 Fork