Bu şehir için toplam 261 geliştrici ve 911 repo bulunuyor.

#1 mobiwiseco/Android-Base-Project

An Android Base Project which can be example for every Android project.

Java240 Star41 Fork
#2 durannumit/flutter_onboarding_screen

An example of onboarding screen on Flutter

Dart124 Star28 Fork
#3 sbagdat/turkish_support

Turkish character support for core ruby methods.

Ruby73 Star5 Fork
#4 iorixxx/lucene-solr-analysis-turkish

Turkish analysis components for Apache Lucene/Solr

Java71 Star16 Fork
#5 emrekose26/RecordButton

Android record button view

Kotlin59 Star12 Fork
#6 durannumit/myFlutterAdventure

My Flutter adventure from zero

Dart21 Star5 Fork
#7 sbagdat/rubykitabi

Türkçe Ruby Programlama Kitabı - Örnek Kod Deposu

Ruby19 Star8 Fork
#8 emrekose26/CopyExternalDB

Copying External Database library for Android

Java17 Star1 Fork
#9 hayatbiralem/inuit-displays

Simple display helpers for the inuitcss framework.

CSS16 Star0 Fork
#10 mobiwiseco/AndroidAndElectrons

Android and Electrons is a guide project for Android developers.

Java12 Star2 Fork
#11 sbagdat/rails-on-forum

Ruby on Rails Web Uygulama Geliştirme Kitabı - Örnek Forum Uygulaması

CSS10 Star6 Fork
#12 alexktzk/trello-habitica

Keep in sync your Trello cards with Habitica

JavaScript10 Star9 Fork
#13 frknikiz/file-encrypter

File Encrypter is a simple data encrypter and decrypter application for desktops. Build with Node-Webkit

JavaScript10 Star2 Fork
#14 guneyozsan/music-video-for-out-there-by-guney-ozsan-in-unity-3d

Procedurally generated, real-time, demoscene style, open source music video made with Unity 3D for Out There by Guney Ozsan.

C#10 Star0 Fork
#15 veyselsahin/yii2-giix

Yii2 Extended Generator

PHP8 Star6 Fork
#16 ugorur/vhost-project

Virtual Host Creater Project

Python8 Star0 Fork
#17 mcagriaksoy/Serial-Communication-GUI-Program

PyQt, Serial Communication GUI Program, between 2 different hardwares

Python8 Star3 Fork
#18 emrekose26/MoviesMVP

Sample Android app built with an MVP approach with Dagger2 and RxJava uses TheMovieDB API

Java7 Star1 Fork
#19 emartisoft/Rastari

All-in-one Atari (ST-STe-TT-Falcon) Solution on your Raspberry Pi

C++7 Star0 Fork
#20 emrekose26/gunun-ozeti-android

Günün Özeti Android uygulaması

Java6 Star0 Fork
#21 durannumit/animations_in_flutter

Animation examples of Flutter for IWD Istanbul presentation

Dart6 Star0 Fork
#22 ouzman/gardirop

The simplest e-commerce app.

Java6 Star1 Fork
#23 frknikiz/fast-gcm-topic

Easily send push notification to devices by using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) Topics.

PHP6 Star2 Fork
#24 frknikiz/laravel-quick-elfinder

Laravel Quick Elfinder package allows you to use Elfinder quickly.

PHP6 Star0 Fork
#26 emrekose26/udacity-nanodegree-projects

All of my projects for Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree

Java5 Star2 Fork
#28 frknikiz/laravel-packages

Bu Repo içerisinde laravel paketleriyle oluşturulmuş ornek uygulamalar ve açıklama yazıları bulabilirsiniz.

PHP5 Star1 Fork
#29 frknikiz/java-tweet-getter

Search for tweets by keyword and push firebase..

Java5 Star0 Fork
#30 guneyozsan/burst-corrupted-plot-detector

Scans Burst mining logs and reports corrupted plot files.

C++5 Star2 Fork