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#1 hasankucuk/SocialTextView

A simple custom Android TextView that highlights content such as Mention, Hashtag, Phone, Email and Url.

Kotlin188 Star23 Fork
#2 m-inan/react-native-music-app

React Native Music Application Example

JavaScript96 Star36 Fork
#3 laravel-tr/Laravel5-lang

Laravel 5.* Türkçe dil dosyaları

PHP93 Star26 Fork
#4 fevziomurtekin/PayView

💳 Payment View library for Credit and Debit Card.

Kotlin56 Star9 Fork
#5 sineld/bladeset

A very simple blade extension which allows variables to be set within blade templates.

PHP41 Star4 Fork
#6 epiksel/opencart-tr

OpenCart PHP tabanlı açık kaynak kodlu online alışveriş sepetidir. Tüccarların düşük bir maliyet ile kendi e-ticaret mağazalarını oluşturmada yardımcı olan güçlü bir e-ticaret yazılımıdır.

PHP37 Star20 Fork
#7 melihucar/ftpclient

PHP Ftp Client Class

JavaScript28 Star14 Fork
#8 epiksel/countdown

jQuery CountDown Clock - Simple countdown plugin for product special offers

JavaScript26 Star26 Fork
#9 btu-cse/Algoritma-ve-Programlama-Ornekleri

Algoritma ve Programlama dersi Örnekleri

C26 Star14 Fork
#10 fevziomurtekin/Rainlayout

Constraintlayout based rain-animation view developed backed by Kotlin Coroutines.

Kotlin25 Star5 Fork
#11 birdeveloper/SpecialView

This layout will help you a lot while designing!

Kotlin22 Star2 Fork
#12 m-inan/react-upload-gallery

React for Upload Image Gallery. Drag & Drop, Sortable, Customize.

JavaScript22 Star8 Fork
#13 fevziomurtekin/lockscreen

🔒Security screen using fingerprint or pin code.

Java21 Star6 Fork
#14 fevziomurtekin/hackernewsapp

Using MVVM, Coroutines and Koin developed Hacker News Application written Kotlin.

Kotlin19 Star4 Fork
#15 laravel-tr/Laravel6-lang

Laravel 6.* Türkçe dil dosyaları

PHP19 Star6 Fork
#16 halilim/xml-iterator

XML Reader to array/object iterator with low memory usage and an acceptable level of ease of use.

PHP18 Star10 Fork
#17 laravel-tr/Laravel7-lang

Laravel 7.* Türkçe dil dosyaları

PHP17 Star2 Fork
#18 sineld/laravel4-projecttemplate

Project template for creating new Laravel 4 projects

PHP16 Star6 Fork
#19 sineld/money

A PHP library to make working with money easier

PHP14 Star3 Fork
#20 birdeveloper/Rapi

We made retrofit more understandable !! RAPI

Kotlin14 Star0 Fork
#21 mohakapt/react-native-js-tableview

A JavaScript implementation for TableView that looks great on both iOS and Android.

JavaScript14 Star3 Fork
#22 fevziomurtekin/custom-progress-dialog

Custom progress dialog library written in Kotlin.

Kotlin13 Star5 Fork
#23 ahmeti/ptt-kargo-api

PTT Kargo Api (PHP)

PHP13 Star11 Fork
#24 ugurcandede/Under-Construction

Unique Under Construction Templates

HTML13 Star18 Fork
#25 fevziomurtekin/searchview

🔍 A beautiful searchview with animations.

Java12 Star1 Fork
#26 halilim/cbFamily

Checkbox group (parent/children) functionality

JavaScript12 Star1 Fork
#27 emirbeytekin/iosvideodownloader

download videos from youtube&facebook etc. in your gallery

Objective-C11 Star0 Fork
#28 sineld/laravel4-sms

Laravel 4 İçin Türkiye SMS API

PHP10 Star0 Fork
#29 fevziomurtekin/beforeafterview

Before After animation library write in Kotlin.

Kotlin10 Star3 Fork
#30 ahmetyaylalioglu/Estimation-of-the-number-of-real-time-hand-fingers-with-image-processing

I improve hand detection and finger counter system with MOG2 one of the Background Subtraction algorithm

C++10 Star11 Fork