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#1 Dentrax/GMDB

GMDB is the ultra-simple, cross-platform Movie Library with Features (Search, Take Note, Watch Later, Like, Import, Learn, Instantly Torrent Magnet Watch)

Go162 Star11 Fork
#2 Dentrax/Data-Structures-with-Go

Data Structures with Go Language

Go121 Star9 Fork
#3 Dentrax/Netlyser

Lightweight, a simple yet, Presence Detection Tool written in Rust, based on nmap, built for UNIX, made with <3

Rust44 Star2 Fork
#4 Dentrax/ArduRTOS

Real Time Operating System Lessons using Arduino and The FreeRTOS Kernel

C++43 Star3 Fork
#5 Dentrax/DentOS

Experimental Stand-alone 32-bit Kernel with Bootloader written in AT&T Assembly and Freestanding C

C27 Star3 Fork
#6 Dentrax/Z00bfuscator

Z00bfuscator is the simple, open-source, cross-platform obfuscator for .NET Assemblies built on .NET Core

C#22 Star9 Fork
#7 Dentrax/Monkey

Monkey Programming Language in Rust. Implementation of Thorsten Ball's Interpreter Book

Rust22 Star0 Fork
#8 Dentrax/Data-Mining-Algorithms

Data Mining Algorithms with C# using LINQ

C#21 Star13 Fork
#9 Dentrax/ProductManagementTool

Advanced Product tracking automation system using Qt 5 and C++

C++20 Star12 Fork
#10 Dentrax/TileMapGenerator

Create your own 2D Maps with layer-by-layer system using Noise-Sample and BufferedImage pattern

Java13 Star2 Fork
#11 Dentrax/Finite-State-Machine

Finite State Machine Library for .NET Core (with EASY and ADVANCED implementation)

C#12 Star2 Fork
#12 Dentrax/AsyncServerClient

AsyncServerClient is the simple, open-source, cross-platform Async TCP Server-Client project (with SQL and 3-Way Handshaking support) for .NET Assemblies built in .NET Core

C#12 Star6 Fork
#13 Dentrax/DLL-Injection-with-Assembly

DLL Injection to Exe with Assembly using OllyDbg

Assembly9 Star1 Fork
#14 Dentrax/MMM-ArduPort

This is a module for the MagicMirror² smart mirror project. This module provides Arduino serial communication support with Raspberry PI.

JavaScript7 Star2 Fork
#15 Dentrax/ArduExams

Improve your Arduino knowledge with high quality questions and exams

C++6 Star1 Fork
#16 Dentrax/EasySSA

An EASY and ADVANCED extention to handle TCP/IP Packets [SecurityApi]

C#5 Star2 Fork
#17 Dentrax/AVR-Programming-with-Assembly

AVR Microcontroller Programming with Assembly

Assembly5 Star0 Fork
#18 Dentrax/EasyBlockChain

A cryptocurrency C++ implementation using a BlockChain technology made for educational purposes only

C++2 Star0 Fork
#19 Dentrax/AMX_Manager

[AMX]: [A]dministrative [M]anager Tools for [X] Server (Linux Environment Only)

Shell2 Star0 Fork
#21 Dentrax/EasySQLITE

An EASY and ADVANCED way to handle [SQLITE] Simple!, Lifesaver!, Friendly! ...

Java1 Star0 Fork
#22 Dentrax/Maxiploit

Exploit penetration tool for [Online Games]. [In Development]

C#1 Star1 Fork
#23 Dentrax/EasyProviders

An EASY and ADVANCED way to handle providers/services/managers/singletons systems with [EasyProvides .NET CORE Library]

C#1 Star0 Fork
#24 Dentrax/FollowUp-System-Automation

Simple Follow up Automation Example

Java1 Star1 Fork
#25 Dentrax/LedLooper-with-Assembly

Embedded Assembly LED project that uses AVR Microcontroller with Arduino

Assembly1 Star0 Fork
#26 Dentrax/ArduRMMMQ

Ardu[R]eal-Time Operating System [MM] Magic Mirror [MQ] MQ Gas Sensor - RTOS Project

C++1 Star0 Fork
#27 slyn/CLP-Project

Projects for Constraint Logic Programming

Java1 Star1 Fork
#28 slyn/SprinklingApp

SprinklingApp - ASP.NET Core App

C#1 Star0 Fork
#29 hayriyigit/Bialystok-DataVisualization-Project

Data Visualizton and Communication course project - Summer semester 2020 in Bialystok University of Technology

JavaScript1 Star0 Fork