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#1 gurayyarar/AdminBSBMaterialDesign

AdminBSB - Free admin panel that is based on Bootstrap 3.x with Material Design

JavaScript2,694 Star1,569 Fork
#2 enisn/Xamarin.Forms.InputKit

CheckBox, Radio Button, Labeled Slider, Dropdowns etc.

C#406 Star79 Fork
#3 mehmetkose/react-websocket

Easy-to-use React component for websocket communications.

JavaScript338 Star85 Fork
#4 gurayyarar/NodeJsPackageManager

An organizer of your npm and bower packages

CSS254 Star35 Fork
#5 onryldz/x-superobject

Delphi Cross Platform Rapid JSON

Pascal211 Star78 Fork
#6 mehmetkose/tangrowth

Python3.5 async crawler example with aiohttp and asyncio

Python147 Star16 Fork
#7 ozgrozer/hdt

Humaaans design tool

JavaScript98 Star18 Fork
#8 enisn/AutoFilterer

AutoFilterer is a filtering framework for dotnet. The main purpose of the library is to generate LINQ expressions for Entities over DTOs automatically. The first aim is to be compatible with Open API 3.0 Specifications

C#87 Star10 Fork
#9 ozgrozer/dasper

A Jekyll theme

JavaScript76 Star55 Fork
#10 mrtkp9993/SimpleCRUDApp

Simple CRUD Application with Go, Gorilla/mux, MariaDB, Redis.

Go69 Star12 Fork
#11 yasirtug/ni-translate

A translator for Linux, running at the background which wakes up with the translation of the last selected text on command.

C++65 Star10 Fork
#12 enisn/Xamarin.Forms.Contacts

Read Contacts Data on iOS and Android

C#62 Star20 Fork
#13 arslanaybars/Fop

Filtering, Ordering (Sorting) and Pagination library for .Net Core, ASP.NET Core, C#

C#58 Star5 Fork
#14 tnodir/luasys

LuaSys is a portable Lua library providing access to system and networking functions. Also includes: event notification mechanism, win32 specifics (registry, service), serial communication, signals, threading and much more.

C58 Star20 Fork
#15 tnodir/fort

Fort Firewall for Windows

C++50 Star11 Fork
#16 tavurth/gme-terminal

GME and other stocks investor holdings

GDScript50 Star4 Fork
#17 gurayyarar/SnipCommand

A free and open source command snippets manager for organize and copy fast.

JavaScript49 Star10 Fork
#18 mrtkp9993/QuantumComputingExamples

Quantum computing examples with QISKit.

Python49 Star14 Fork
#19 enisn/DotNurseInjector

Simple, lightweight & useful Dependency Injector for dotnet.

C#42 Star7 Fork
#20 mrtkp9993/Cpp-Examples

Numerical C++ examples.

C++38 Star0 Fork
#21 ozgrozer/100k-faces

API for 100,000 AI generated faces

HTML38 Star2 Fork
#22 mrtkp9993/Statistical-Modeling-Examples

Basic statistical modelling examples.

R32 Star12 Fork
#23 arslanaybars/AybCommerce-B2B-NetCore2.2

Simple B2B E-Commerce Site || ASP.NET Core 2.2

C#31 Star5 Fork
#24 ozgrozer/tweet-image

Convert tweets to images

JavaScript31 Star2 Fork
#25 arslanaybars/C-Programlama-Ornekleri

C programlama dili ile yazilmis olan ornek programlar

C27 Star16 Fork
#26 arslanaybars/MenuDroid

MenuDroid - Android Restaurant Managment Project

Java26 Star21 Fork
#27 egeesin/alacritty-color-export

Regex based solution to export generated (Wal) colors into Alacritty config.

Shell26 Star5 Fork
#28 onryldz/express

Simple REST Server Framework

Pascal25 Star6 Fork
#29 evrenbaser/formsqlcrudcsharp

c sharp basic crud functions

C#24 Star0 Fork
#30 onryldz/express-dataset

Delphi JSON - CRUD DataSet

Pascal23 Star8 Fork