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#1 fatih/vim-go

Go development plugin for Vim

Vim script10,712 Star1,085 Fork
#2 fatih/color

Color package for Go (golang)

Go2,989 Star339 Fork
#3 fatih/structs

Utilities for Go structs

Go2,710 Star326 Fork
#4 fatih/vim-go-tutorial

Tutorial for vim-go

Vim script1,821 Star166 Fork
#5 isacikgoz/gitin

commit/branch/workdir explorer for git

Go1,761 Star40 Fork
#6 Cutta/GifView

Library for playing gifs on Android

Java1,570 Star299 Fork
#7 fatih/subvim

Vim customized to be like SublimeText

C++1,145 Star67 Fork
#8 isacikgoz/gitbatch

manage your git repositories in one place

Go1,101 Star33 Fork
#9 fatih/pool

Connection pool for Go's net.Conn interface

Go987 Star199 Fork
#10 gencebay/httplive

HTTP Request & Response Service, Mock HTTP

Go975 Star36 Fork
#11 eknkc/amber

Amber is an elegant templating engine for Go Programming Language, inspired from HAML and Jade

Go822 Star52 Fork
#12 fatih/gomodifytags

Go tool to modify struct field tags

Go812 Star48 Fork
#13 cihadturhan/jquery-aim

jQuery plugin which guesses which element user is going to be hovered/clicked.

JavaScript783 Star41 Fork
#14 isacikgoz/tldr

fast and interactive tldr client written withgo

Go690 Star23 Fork
#15 bonesoul/CoiniumServ

Next-gen crypto currency mining pool software

C#604 Star452 Fork
#16 fatih/set

Set data structure for Go

Go565 Star52 Fork
#17 Cutta/TagView

Android TagView-HashTagView

Java437 Star91 Fork
#18 mustafaakin/gongular

A different approach to Go web frameworks

Go415 Star15 Fork
#19 Cutta/ContinuousScrollableImageView

Library for animating images with continuous scrolling effects

Java411 Star51 Fork
#20 gokcan/react-shimmer

🌠 React Image Loader component that simulates a shimmer effect.

JavaScript402 Star13 Fork
#21 oktayayr/advancedtextview

AdvancedTextView provides advanced features that simplifies complicated UI processes

Java383 Star55 Fork
#22 fatih/dotfiles

My personal dotfiles

Shell379 Star68 Fork
#23 mustafaakin/terminal-webcam

a webcam that can be run on a bare terminal

Python339 Star31 Fork
HTML327 Star94 Fork
#25 yasirkula/UnityNativeGallery

A native Unity plugin to interact with Gallery/Photos on Android & iOS (save and/or load images/videos)

Java298 Star52 Fork
#26 ceryle/SegmentedButton

Segmented Control with animation for Android API 12+

Java298 Star82 Fork
#27 yasirkula/UnityAssetUsageDetector

Find usages of the selected asset(s) and/or Object(s) in your Unity project, i.e. list the objects that refer to them

C#297 Star33 Fork
#28 yasirkula/UnityRuntimeInspector

Runtime Inspector and Hierarchy solution for Unity for debugging and runtime editing purposes

C#280 Star29 Fork
#29 yasirkula/UnityIngameDebugConsole

A uGUI based console to see debug messages and execute commands during gameplay in Unity

C#258 Star36 Fork
#30 ivmech/ivPID

Python PID Controller

Jupyter Notebook256 Star127 Fork