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#1 isacikgoz/gitin

commit/branch/workdir explorer for git

Go1,784 Star39 Fork
#2 Cutta/GifView

Library for playing gifs on Android

Java1,612 Star304 Fork
#3 isacikgoz/gitbatch

manage your git repositories in one place

Go1,157 Star35 Fork
#4 gencebay/httplive

HTTP Request & Response Service, Mock HTTP

Go993 Star36 Fork
#5 eknkc/amber

Amber is an elegant templating engine for Go Programming Language, inspired from HAML and Jade

Go832 Star53 Fork
#6 cihadturhan/jquery-aim

jQuery plugin which guesses which element user is going to be hovered/clicked.

JavaScript778 Star41 Fork
#7 isacikgoz/tldr

fast and interactive tldr client written withgo

Go755 Star25 Fork
#8 bonesoul/CoiniumServ

Next-gen crypto currency mining pool software

C#609 Star459 Fork
#9 ibrahimsn98/SmoothBottomBar

A lightweight Android material bottom navigation bar library

Kotlin574 Star53 Fork
#10 Cutta/TagView

Android TagView-HashTagView

Java449 Star96 Fork
#11 mustafaakin/gongular

A different approach to Go web frameworks

Go420 Star15 Fork
#12 Cutta/ContinuousScrollableImageView

Library for animating images with continuous scrolling effects

Java416 Star53 Fork
#13 oktayayr/advancedtextview

AdvancedTextView provides advanced features that simplifies complicated UI processes

Java382 Star54 Fork
HTML340 Star96 Fork
#15 mustafaakin/terminal-webcam

a webcam that can be run on a bare terminal

Python337 Star31 Fork
#16 mustafamuratcoskun/Sifirdan-Ileri-Seviyeye-Python-Programlama

Udemy üzerindeki Python kurslarında kullanılan materyaller

Jupyter Notebook330 Star192 Fork
#17 ceryle/SegmentedButton

Segmented Control with animation for Android API 12+

Java312 Star86 Fork
#18 osa1/tiny

A console IRC client

Rust306 Star18 Fork
#19 ivmech/ivPID

Python PID Controller

Jupyter Notebook286 Star142 Fork
#20 tufanbarisyildirim/php-apk-parser

Read basic info about an application from .apk file.

PHP254 Star89 Fork
#21 ibrahimsn98/android-particles

A lightweight Particle Animation Library for Android

Kotlin250 Star35 Fork
#22 sbayd/react-flippy

Flipping Cards for your React Projects. React-Flippy allows you to create flipper event with your content.

JavaScript246 Star11 Fork
#23 halilozercan/BetterVideoPlayer

Video playback on Android, made better in Kotlin, wrapping around the stock MediaPlayer API.

Kotlin234 Star86 Fork
#24 kehribar/nrf24L01_plus

Portable nrf24L01+ library with auto acknowledgement and auto retransmission support.

C233 Star81 Fork
#25 cevatbarisyilmaz/lossy

Go package to simulate bandwidth, latency and packet loss for net.PacketConn and net.Conn interfaces

Go232 Star2 Fork
#26 ceryle/RadioRealButton

A custom radio button for Android API 12+

Java214 Star68 Fork
#27 ersiner/osx-env-sync

Synchronize OS X environment variables for command line and GUI applications from a single source

Shell180 Star34 Fork
#28 Cutta/MaterialTransitionAnimation

Material Animations practice which is inspired from

Java160 Star38 Fork
#29 izniburak/pdox

useful query builder class that works with PHP PDO class for simple access your data.

PHP156 Star74 Fork
#30 frontsideair/yarnhook

Run `yarn install`, `npm install` or `pnpm install` on git hooks automatically

JavaScript147 Star16 Fork