Vim script

Bu dil için toplam 95 geliştrici ve 107 repo bulunuyor.

#1 zekzekus/dotfiles

My very personal configuration files for vim, tmux, zsh etc.

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#2 igungor/schellar

Shaded colorscheme for Vim

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#3 brkkyk/vimrc

curiosity killed the vim - the incredible, superb lightweight puffin vimrc :)

Vim script6 Star1 Fork
#4 cenkalti/dotfiles

dotfiles management with git

Vim script5 Star0 Fork
#6 osa1/rcbackup

Various rc and config files

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#10 caglartoklu/tex_turkce.vim

Converts Turkish characters to their Tex representation and back.

Vim script3 Star0 Fork
#12 enesusta/vimrc

enes's vimrc with bundle

Vim script2 Star0 Fork
#13 baybatu/bayconfigs

my config files

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#14 caglartoklu/qbcolor.vim

a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Microsoft QuickBASIC.

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#15 caglartoklu/borlandp.vim

a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs, such as Turbo Pascal and Turbo C++.

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#16 Chatatata/vimcfg

Vim configuration files of mine.

Vim script2 Star0 Fork
#17 ozkutuk/vim-xpln

Vim syntax highlighting for XPLN

Vim script2 Star1 Fork
#18 murateca/dotfiles

murateca's dotfiles

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#19 sercantor/dotfiles

configuration files

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#20 ozank/dotfiles

Configuration Files for My PCs

Vim script1 Star0 Fork
#23 gysddn/dotfiles

Personal configurations

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#24 ziegfiroyt/react-vimrc

pretty vim configuration for react developers

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#25 PrisonOnii-chan/gml.vim

GameMaker 2 syntax file for vim.

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#27 alperhankendi/dotfiles

Automated Configuration, Preferences and Software Installation for macOS. inspired by

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#28 yyalim/dotfiles

A set of useful configuration files for nvim & tmux.

Vim script1 Star0 Fork
#29 yasaricli/dotfiles

My configuration files

Vim script1 Star1 Fork
#30 salihciftci/dotfiles

A set of vim, zsh, and tmux configuration files.

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