Vim script

Bu dil için toplam 125 geliştrici ve 154 repo bulunuyor.

#1 fatih/vim-go

Go development plugin for Vim

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#2 fatih/vim-go-tutorial

Tutorial for vim-go

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#3 fatih/dotfiles

My personal dotfiles

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#4 kutsan/dotfiles

My dotfiles: Experimental, ongoing configuration files, development environment and scripts for various Unix-like systems, text-based command-line applications and interfaces.

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#5 fatih/vim-hclfmt

Vim plugin for hclfmt

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#6 zekzekus/dotfiles

My very personal configuration files for vim, tmux, zsh etc.

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#7 caglartoklu/ftcolor.vim

Switches colorschemes according to the file type.

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#8 igungor/schellar

Shaded colorscheme for Vim

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#9 fatih/vim-nginx

Nginx runtime files for Vim

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#10 caglartoklu/borlandp.vim

a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs, such as Turbo Pascal and Turbo C++.

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#11 caglartoklu/qbcolor.vim

a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Microsoft QuickBASIC.

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#12 ziegfiroyt/react-vimrc

pretty vim configuration for react developers

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#13 brkkyk/vimrc

curiosity killed the vim - the incredible, superb lightweight puffin vimrc :)

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#16 caglartoklu/fbc.vim

Vim compiler plugin for FreeBASIC.

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#17 kutsan/vim-fetlang

Vim runtime files for Fetlang, the fetish-themed programming language. Makes syntax highlighting possible for vim when writing fetlang files.

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#18 osa1/rcbackup

Various rc and config files

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#19 delirehberi/nixos

Personal Nixos Configuration, includes home-manager configs.

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Vim script3 Star1 Fork
#24 caglartoklu/tex_turkce.vim

Converts Turkish characters to their Tex representation and back.

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#25 caglartoklu/createfilenext.vim

Creates a new file in the directory of the current buffer.

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#26 murateca/dotfiles

murateca's dotfiles

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#29 Psycho-Male/gml.vim

GameMaker 2 syntax file for vim.

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#30 enesusta/vimrc

enes's vimrc with bundle

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