Bu dil için toplam 422 geliştrici ve 766 repo bulunuyor.

#1 ademilter/bricklayer

Lightweight and independent Pinterest-like cascading grid layout library

TypeScript2,343 Star136 Fork
#2 barbar/vortigern

A universal boilerplate for building web applications w/ TypeScript, React, Redux, Server Side Rendering and more.

TypeScript620 Star133 Fork
#3 onury/accesscontrol

Role and Attribute based Access Control for Node.js

TypeScript540 Star51 Fork
#4 ng-seed/universal

Seed project for Angular Universal apps featuring Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Webpack, CLI scaffolding, dev/prod modes, AoT compilation, HMR, SCSS compilation, lazy loading, config, cache, i18n, SEO, and TSLint/codelyzer

TypeScript511 Star119 Fork
#5 fulls1z3/ngx-meta

Dynamic page title & meta tags utility for Angular (w/server-side rendering)

TypeScript221 Star25 Fork
#6 oguzhaninan/korkut

Quick and simple image processing at the command line. :hammer:

TypeScript176 Star4 Fork
#7 nozer/quill-delta-to-html

Converts Quill's delta ops to HTML

TypeScript121 Star32 Fork
#8 fulls1z3/ngx-config

Configuration utility for Angular

TypeScript92 Star10 Fork
#9 fulls1z3/ngx-cache

Cache utility for Angular

TypeScript87 Star4 Fork
#10 onury/invert-color

Generates inverted (opposite) version of the given color.

TypeScript65 Star5 Fork
#11 fulls1z3/ngx-auth

Auth0 platform implementation and JWT authentication utility for Angular & Angular Universal

TypeScript36 Star5 Fork
#12 fulls1z3/ngx-i18n-router

Route internationalization utility for Angular

TypeScript30 Star1 Fork
#13 serayuzgur/crates

crates is an extension aims to help people to manage their dependencies for rust (crates.io & TOML).

TypeScript28 Star3 Fork
#14 fulls1z3/example-app

Example app showcasing fulls1z3's Angular libraries

TypeScript23 Star3 Fork
#15 azure-seed/azure-functions-typescript

Seed project for backend development on Azure Functions with TypeScript

TypeScript23 Star6 Fork
#16 previousdeveloper/angular2-simple-countdown

a simple countdown angular2 directive with multiple language

TypeScript21 Star17 Fork
#17 tahaipek/angular2-university-domains-list

Angular 2 Api Example built with Angular CLI, RxJS and Webpack

TypeScript20 Star11 Fork
#18 erikgerrits/machine-learning

TypeScript machine learning library

TypeScript18 Star1 Fork
#19 onury/tasktimer

A timer utility for running/scheduling periodic tasks on the given interval ticks. (Node and Browser)

TypeScript18 Star4 Fork
#20 fulls1z3/ngx-translate

Loader for @ngx-translate that provides translations to browser/server platforms

TypeScript17 Star1 Fork
#21 eserozvataf/jsmake-libraries

monorepo of libraries that empower jsmake

TypeScript16 Star2 Fork
#22 onokumus/onoffcanvas

An offcanvas plugin

TypeScript16 Star3 Fork
#23 altayaydemir/bilgi-shuttle-web

Web Application of Bilgi Shuttle, built with TypeScript flavored React and Redux.

TypeScript15 Star1 Fork
#24 eserozvataf/ts-spa-boilerplate

TypeScript SPA Boilerplate

TypeScript14 Star5 Fork
#25 eserozvataf/react-eventmanager

Event-based simple React state management with decorators

TypeScript14 Star0 Fork
#26 alisahinozcelik/angular2-viewport

Angular 2 Viewport Directives & Services

TypeScript13 Star10 Fork
#27 onokumus/metismenujs

MetisMenu with Vanilla-JS

TypeScript13 Star1 Fork
#28 ecmel/vscode-html-css

Visual Studio Code Extension - CSS support for HTML documents

TypeScript12 Star13 Fork
#29 borakasmer/Asp.Net-Core-Angular4-TypeScript

We published WebApi service from 5050 port with Asp.Net Core on OSX. After all we created Web Application with Angular 4 and Typescript. First of all we designed a block of venue. And aline seats by rows and columns count. After organized seats, client could make some process on them. He or she could buy seats, cancel seats or reserve seats for VIP

TypeScript12 Star10 Fork
#30 eserozvataf/jsmake

JavaScript task tool, similar to Jake, Make or Rake

TypeScript12 Star0 Fork