Bu dil için toplam 99 geliştrici ve 145 repo bulunuyor.

#1 ustun/react-workshop

Repo for React Workshop

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#4 halit/bilmok-slides

CTF presentation

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#5 halit/sdu-workshop

SDU Python Workshop

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#6 ustun/postgresql-2014-sunum

Postgresql 2014 Turkiye sunumu

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#7 halit/karabuk-slides

Python programming language presentation

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#8 onursehitoglu/pllecturenotes

Programming Language Concepts Course (CEng 242) Lecture notes

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#9 odtu/ee464-cheatsheet

Cheat Sheet for the EE463 Midterm

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#10 mesutto/IMMD

integrated modular motor drive

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#11 calkan/reflettermaker

Automated PDF generator for many recommendation letters

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#12 calkan/tubitak-reports

LaTeX template for TUBITAK project reports

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#13 onurgu/BOUN-FBE-Thesis-Latex-Style

This repository is the main place for the development and maintenance of the Latex style for theses.

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#14 karakaplanm/GLFS

GNU/Linux/FOSS Sözlüğü

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#15 semihozkoroglu/cv-creator

Latex belgeleme uygulaması ile üretilmiştir

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#16 chrisstephenson/droplet-setup

Step by step set up of a droplet on Digital Ocean with a secure multi domain virtual hosting, NGINX, Django and Python. For beginners.

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#17 chrisstephenson/CMPE314-2016

Code and lecture notes for COMP/CMPE 314 spring 2016 Istanbul Bilgi University

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#18 chrisstephenson/newbie

Crowdsourced newbie guide in Turkish

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#19 alerque/moab

Memoirs of a Bulletin, The Long Road to Typeset Liturgies Made Straight. (Tools and tutorials for managing and printing liturgies).

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#20 anlcnydn/gdg2017-slides

GDG 2017 - Dive Into Redis Slides

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#21 osa1/talks

talks I gave, with tex sources and source code listings

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#22 ozank/cv

CV - Özgeçmiş

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#24 mesutto/Education-Papers

This repository contains the paper work dedicated to education journals. The content is about innovative course materials as well as renewed laboratory experiments.

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#25 figalit/recommender-system-paper

Paper for the CS 425 project.

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#26 onursehitoglu/ceng-latex

Some templates and styles for metu.ceng

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#27 iorixxx/anadolu-fbe-thesis

Anadolu University Graduate School of Science Thesis Template for LaTeX

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#30 canerturkmen/pyportop

financial portfolio optimization in python

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