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#1 0x73/SwiftIconFont

Icons fonts for iOS (FontAwesome, Iconic, Ionicon, Octicon, Themify, MapIcon, MaterialIcon)

Swift933 Star100 Fork
#2 scihant/CTPanoramaView

A library that displays spherical or cylindrical panoramas with touch or motion based controls.

Swift838 Star55 Fork
#3 dgurkaynak/Penc

Trackpad-oriented window manager for macOS

Swift660 Star12 Fork
#4 omaralbeik/UserDefaultsStore

Why not use UserDefaults to store Codable objects 😉

Swift296 Star14 Fork
#5 cemolcay/ReorderableGridView-Swift

reorderable grid view solution implemented with swift.its UIScrollView subclass, its not a collection view layout.

Swift283 Star26 Fork
#6 ergunemr/BottomPopup

BottomPopup provides a popup-like presentation style to any view controller

Swift272 Star24 Fork
#7 AhmettKeskin/InteractivePlayerView

Custom iOS music player view

Swift256 Star45 Fork
#8 cemolcay/MaterialCardView

Create material design cards quick and easy

Swift226 Star29 Fork
#9 cemolcay/SlidingContainerViewController

An android scrollable tab bar style container view controller

Swift221 Star41 Fork
#10 okhanokbay/ExpyTableView

Make your table view expandable just by implementing one method.

Swift203 Star25 Fork
#11 cemolcay/TransitionManager

Painless custom transitioning. Easy extend, easy setup, just focus on animations.

Swift199 Star25 Fork
#12 bpolat/Music-Player

Fully functional music player which is written in swift programming language

Swift180 Star57 Fork
#13 cemolcay/BubbleControl-Swift

a bubble control highly inspired from facebook chat heads. written in swift

Swift167 Star29 Fork
#14 cemolcay/ImageFreeCut

A UIView subclass lets you draw a path over an image and crops that part.

Swift158 Star8 Fork
#15 yemeksepeti/YSSegmentedControl

Android style segmented control written in swift.Fully customisable.

Swift120 Star22 Fork
#16 cemolcay/MusicTheory

Universal music theory library for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS in Swift

Swift115 Star16 Fork
#17 alicanbatur/ABExpandableView

Expandable, collapsible, filterable and single/multi selectable table view.

Swift106 Star8 Fork
#18 okhanokbay/MapViewPlus

Use any custom view as custom callout view for MKMapView with cool animations. Use any image as annotation view.

Swift93 Star9 Fork
#19 nahitheper/SwiftColorPalette

A SketchApp plugin that generates Swift Color Theme files from your Sketch documents.

Swift87 Star5 Fork
#20 AhmettKeskin/LocalNotificationHelper

Local Notification with swift

Swift85 Star16 Fork
#21 cemolcay/MIDITimeTableView

Customisable and editable time table grid for showing midi or audio related data with a measure.

Swift69 Star13 Fork
#22 cemolcay/GiFHUD-Swift

progress hud for displaying only animated gif images implemented with swift

Swift66 Star11 Fork
#23 scihant/CTShowcase

A simple to use Showcase library that can highlight arbitrary views in an iOS app

Swift63 Star9 Fork
#24 KaanEmec/MaterialTextField

Simple UITextfield Subclass with cool material design animations.

Swift60 Star6 Fork
#25 arslanbilal/Swift-TableView-Example

Simple UITableView application on Swift Language

Swift58 Star17 Fork
#26 celil/SwiftKaynaklari

Swift diliyle alakalı faydalanılabilecek kaynaklar, kütüphaneler ve araçlar.

Swift58 Star7 Fork
#27 cagricolak/CoreCharts

CoreCharts is a simple powerfull yet Charts library for apple products

Swift55 Star4 Fork
#28 ahmetkgunay/AKGPushAnimator

Easily Push and Pop viewcontroller like Instagram App with Interaction

Swift44 Star5 Fork
#29 cemolcay/CEMKit-Swift

UIKit & Foundation toolbelt for quick prototyping and rapid development

Swift42 Star8 Fork
#30 cemolcay/KeyboardLayoutEngine

⌨️ The most simple custom keyboard generator for iOS ever!

Swift34 Star11 Fork