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#1 turkenh/ansible-interactive-tutorial

Interactive Ansible tutorials with dead simple setup via Docker

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#2 DenizParlak/Zeus

AWS Auditing & Hardening Tool

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#3 fatih/dotfiles

My personal dotfiles

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#4 ozlerhakan/mongodb-json-files

:package: A curated list of JSON / BSON datasets from the web in order to practice / use in MongoDB

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#5 ismailtasdelen/Anti-DDOS

🔒 Anti DDOS | Bash Script Project 🔒

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#6 vigo/kommit

Build your commit message without touching or editing your code!

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#7 ersiner/osx-env-sync

Synchronize OS X environment variables for command line and GUI applications from a single source

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#8 WazeHell/PE-Linux

Linux Privilege Escalation Tool By WazeHell

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#9 muhasturk/ukupgrade

Upgrade latest kernel automatically for Ubuntu and derivatives such as Linux Mint. :runner:

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#10 mirzazeyrek/lemp-wordpress-stack

One click installation for latest wordpress and php versions on ubuntu 1604

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#11 utkuufuk/ubuntu-on-steroids

:muscle: Ubuntu 18.04 setup & customization routine for developers.

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#12 f/do-sshuttle

Use DigitalOcean Droplet to Transparent Proxying via sshuttle

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#13 sehidcan/easygentoo

Bash script for easy Gentoo installation

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#14 Ardakilic/backmeup

BackMeUp: An automated MySQL / MariaDB databases and files backup solution on *nix Machines using Amazon S3, WebDAV (ownCloud / NextCloud etc.) and Dropbox.

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#15 hexvalid/Linux-CapsLock-Delay-Fixer

That is the capslock delay problem's fixer script

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#16 EgeBalci/Mass-Hacker-Arsenal

Massive arsenal of hacker tools...

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#17 onbiron/apk-resigner

A bash script utility for resining Android Package (APK) files.

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#18 mustafaileri/redis-cluster-with-sentinel

Redis cluster with redis sentinel via docker-compose

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#19 yahyaerturan/docker-symfony-flex

Ready to eat Docker for Symfony 3.4.x & Symfony 4.x

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#20 lemiorhan/git-extras

Commands for extending your git experience

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#21 mustafaakin/big-data-docker

Better, container friendly big-data images for Docker

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#22 DenizParlak/Zephyrus

Auditing & Hardening Tool for Kubernetes

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#23 DenizParlak/hayat

Google Cloud Platform ~ Auditing & Hardening Script

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#24 derkan/pg_party

Automatic partitioning on date-timestamp columns for PostgreSQL v9.1+

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#25 gokhansengun/Docker-Tips-with-QA

Supporting Github repository for Docker Tips with QA blog series

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#27 gokhanmoral/initramfs3

initramfs for siyahkernel which support both samsung and cm9 roms

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#28 gideros/gideros-community-libs

Gideros Open Community Libraries

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#29 arikan/adilsecim-verileri

Adil Seçim Platformu'nun yayınladığı seçim sonuçları verilerinin tümü

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#30 isacikgoz/sashimi

minimalist fish prompt made with raw fish

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