Bu dil için toplam 105 geliştrici ve 225 repo bulunuyor.

#1 vngrs/spark-etl

Apache Spark based ETL Engine

Scala61 Star22 Fork
#2 hasanozgan/spray-oauth

Spray OAuth2 Provider Library

Scala42 Star7 Fork
#3 hzengin/telegrambot

"Batteries Included" Telegram Bot API wrapper for Scala

Scala37 Star3 Fork
#4 vngrs/tcp-async

Typesafe Activator Template for Async IO on TCP

Scala32 Star12 Fork
#5 agaoglu/udp-kafka-bridge

Simple daemon to pass UDP messages to Kafka

Scala30 Star14 Fork
#6 oyediyildiz/scala-oauth2-provider-example

Example db schema and DataHandler.scala implementation for nulab scala-oauth2-provider

Scala29 Star5 Fork
#7 makiftutuncu/MuezzinAPI

A web server application for Islamic prayer times

Scala18 Star3 Fork
#8 vngrs/activator-hello-kafka

A Typesafe Activator tutorial and template for using Scala with Kafka.

Scala14 Star11 Fork
#9 makiftutuncu/tisikkirlir

@askn'nin tisikkirlir gem'inin Scala uyarlaması

Scala5 Star1 Fork
#11 msimav/markov-gen

Simple Markov Chain Text Generator in Scala

Scala5 Star0 Fork
#12 ahmetozantekin/scala-sorts

sorting algorithms in scala

Scala5 Star0 Fork
#13 makiftutuncu/Errors

An easy-to-use library written in Scala for providing immutable, lightweight, extensible way to represent errors in your project

Scala4 Star1 Fork
#14 mesut/SparkStreamingTCPExample


Scala4 Star0 Fork
Scala3 Star0 Fork
#17 kubudi/workout-timer

An android workout timer

Scala2 Star1 Fork
#20 msimav/pushy-scala

pushy-scala is Scala wrapper around pushy, a Java library for sending APNs.

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#21 Turkcell/swarm

platform for iot

Scala2 Star1 Fork
#22 previousdeveloper/rospock-scala

Rock, Paper, Scissors game implementation with additional weapons support.

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#23 aliatakan/service-user

This is a simple, restful microservice by using scala, akka http, slick and postgres

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#24 QaColony/Gatling-Performance-Testing

Gatling Performance Test Script Sample on GitHub Web Site

Scala2 Star2 Fork
#25 onurtemizkan/switch-play

Simple feature switch for web applications - Play Framework Edition

Scala2 Star0 Fork
#28 makyol/startupbuffer

A project to learn Play! Framework. About the project, it is kind of a directory for new startups.

Scala1 Star0 Fork
Scala1 Star0 Fork
#30 hasanozgan/crazy-eights

Crazy Eights Game (Akka Remote Example)

Scala1 Star0 Fork