Bu dil için toplam 131 geliştrici ve 294 repo bulunuyor.

#1 orhun/kmon

Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor 🐧💻

Rust1,251 Star35 Fork
#2 osa1/tiny

A terminal IRC client

Rust626 Star32 Fork
#3 orhun/gpg-tui

Manage your GnuPG keys with ease! 🔐

Rust574 Star12 Fork
#4 orhun/menyoki

Screen{shot,cast} and perform ImageOps on the command line 🌱 🏞️

Rust304 Star3 Fork
#5 onur/cargo-license

Cargo subcommand to see license of dependencies

Rust205 Star20 Fork
#6 onur/acme-client

Yet another Let's Encrypt client and library written in Rust.

Rust192 Star31 Fork
#7 serayuzgur/weld

Full fake REST API generator written with Rust

Rust156 Star7 Fork
#8 Dentrax/kubesql

Experimental tool to query K8s API using plain SQL

Rust135 Star10 Fork
#9 gkbrk/rust-ipfs-api

Rust crate for interfacing with the IPFS API

Rust110 Star13 Fork
Rust78 Star12 Fork
#11 isamert/

a simple yet comprehensive scheme interpreter in rust

Rust53 Star10 Fork
#12 Dentrax/Netlyser

Lightweight, a simple yet, Presence Detection Tool written in Rust, based on nmap, built for UNIX, made with <3

Rust50 Star2 Fork
#13 orhanbalci/rasciigraph

Zero dependency Rust crate to make lightweight ASCII line graph ╭┈╯ in command line apps with no other dependencies.

Rust35 Star0 Fork
#14 mehmetsefabalik/rust-mongodb-example

Actix-web server example with mongodb

Rust34 Star8 Fork
#15 sgbasaraner/yeelight-cli

a low level, cross-platform command line client for Yeelight

Rust33 Star7 Fork
#16 orhun/rustypaste

A minimal file upload/pastebin service.

Rust31 Star1 Fork
#17 mehmetsefabalik/keci-mobile-api

REST API Real World Example With Rust

Rust31 Star2 Fork
#18 osa1/sg

A syntax-aware grep-like code search tool

Rust28 Star0 Fork
#19 orhun/godsays

Rust port of the Terry Davis' (RIP) "god says" program

Rust27 Star0 Fork
#20 Dentrax/Monkey

Monkey Programming Language in Rust. Implementation of Thorsten Ball's Interpreter Book

Rust24 Star0 Fork
#21 mesuutt/tay

tay programming language :horse:

Rust21 Star1 Fork
#22 osa1/mincaml

A MinCaml compiler implemented in Rust

Rust19 Star1 Fork
#23 orhanbalci/rust-steering-behaviors

AI Steering behaviors crate implemented in Rust

Rust19 Star2 Fork
#24 osa1/lexgen

A fully-featured lexer generator, implement as a proc macro

Rust18 Star0 Fork
#25 orhun/git-cliff

A highly customizable Changelog Generator that follows Conventional Commit specifications ⛰️

Rust17 Star0 Fork
#26 isamert/marks

A reasonably fast markup semantic search tool

Rust17 Star1 Fork
#27 orhanbalci/rust-easing

Tiny Rust library implementing Robert Penner's easing functions

Rust16 Star1 Fork
#28 orhanbalci/rocket-template

Rocket Rest api project template

Rust16 Star2 Fork
#29 Xetera/jiu

🕵️ Detect new images and video on social media feeds and dispatch webhooks on updates

Rust16 Star0 Fork
#30 osa1/rhex

A curses-based hex editor

Rust13 Star0 Fork