Bu dil için toplam 555 geliştrici ve 1,468 repo bulunuyor.

#1 marjinal1st/medium-editor-rails

Medium Editor integrated in Rails Asset Pipeline

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#2 calismamasam/

Teknolojiyle iç içe olan profesyonellerin çalışma ortamları burada! -

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#3 sbagdat/turkish_support

Turkish character support for core ruby methods.

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#4 ademilter/ruby-ogreniyorum

ruby dilini öğrenirken aldığım notlar

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#6 nuhkoca/kotlin-android-fastlane-firebase-app-distribution

A repository that shows how to use Firebase App Distribution to distribute android app to testers by fastlane.

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#7 lab2023/cybele

Rails template for our development standards. Cybele makes your apps ready for faster development and easy deployment.

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#8 murat/tors

⏬ Yet another torrent searching application for your command line

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#9 rubytr/ruby-tr

Ruby Türkiye Topluluk Sitesi

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#11 lab2023/katip

This is a Change Logging gem for a git initialized project.

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#12 sdogruyol/cloud_backup

Easily dump your database and store it in the cloud.

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#13 cemolcay/SizeClasser

Device specific UITraitCollection helper with split view detection for iOS.

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#14 iyzico/iyzipay-ruby

iyzipay api ruby client

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#15 lab2023/kangal

Extended validation gem for email, subdomain, credit card, tax number etc...

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#16 MuhammetDilmac/Html2Docx

Ruby library for creating Docx from HTML output

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#17 yalcin/ruby-imdb

Ruby IMDB Parsing Library

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#19 enderahmetyurt/turkish_banks

All Turkish Banks and Their Branches

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#20 ecmelkytz/rails_vuejs_crud

Rails 5.1 & Vue.js CRUD operations with using Webpack

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#21 seyhunak/docker-rails

Easy usable, complete docker configuration for rails applications. Less configuration, all-in-one stack.

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#22 enderahmetyurt/bilisim_sozlugu

Translating computer words from English to Turkish

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#23 sdogruyol/cuba-generator

Application Generator for Cuba framework

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#24 f/graphql.js-demo

GraphQL.js Sinatra Example

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#25 esurharun/kyle

A password manager for paranoids...

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Ruby21 Star2 Fork
#27 sdogruyol/capistrano-kemal

Capistrano integration for Kemal

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#28 ebruAkagunduz/gtk3-ruby-examples

This site contains gtk3 ruby examples

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#29 lab2023/parayaz

Turkish number to text money

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#30 sbagdat/rubykitabi

Türkçe Ruby Programlama Kitabı - Örnek Kod Deposu

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