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#1 emre/storm

Manage your SSH like a boss.

Python3,568 Star162 Fork
#2 bisguzar/twitter-scraper

Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.

Python1,918 Star289 Fork
#3 arguman/

〽️argument mapping platform, a django project

Python1,174 Star130 Fork
#4 yasinkuyu/binance-trader

💰 Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Binance (Experimental)

Python1,147 Star495 Fork
#5 arskom/spyne

A transport and architecture agnostic RPC library that focuses on exposing services with a well-defined API using popular protocols.

Python913 Star282 Fork
#6 utkusen/leviathan

wide range mass audit toolkit

Python809 Star199 Fork
#7 hlldz/SpookFlare

Loader, dropper generator with multiple features for bypassing client-side and network-side countermeasures.

Python758 Star174 Fork
#8 korcankaraokcu/PINCE

A reverse engineering tool that'll supply the place of Cheat Engine for linux

Python749 Star67 Fork
#9 yasintoy/Slack-Gitsin

A beautiful Slack command line interface.

Python617 Star24 Fork
#10 mhsabbagh/green-recorder

A simple screen recorder for Linux desktop. Supports Wayland & Xorg

Python561 Star81 Fork
#11 Hipo/university-domains-list

University Domains and Names Data List & API

Python470 Star186 Fork
#12 umutbozkurt/django-rest-framework-mongoengine

Mongoengine support for Django Rest Framework

Python462 Star154 Fork
#13 kadirpekel/hammock

rest like a boss

Python443 Star42 Fork
#14 yogurt-cultures/kefir

🥛turkic morphology project

Python435 Star32 Fork
#15 hakanzy/django-system-monitor

Simple System Monitoring in Django Admin Panel

Python381 Star33 Fork
#16 aykut/django-bulk-update

Bulk update using one query over Django ORM

Python380 Star54 Fork
#17 mustafaakin/terminal-webcam

a webcam that can be run on a bare terminal

Python337 Star31 Fork
#18 Hipo/drf-extra-fields

Extra Fields for Django Rest Framework

Python298 Star58 Fork
#19 Wizaron/instance-segmentation-pytorch

Semantic Instance Segmentation with a Discriminative Loss Function in PyTorch

Python291 Star59 Fork
#20 emre/kaptan

configuration manager in your pocket.

Python280 Star20 Fork
#21 emre/django-stackoverflow-trace

Django error page w/ a stackoverflow search link.

Python234 Star12 Fork
#22 cenkalti/github-flask

Flask extension for GitHub API

Python218 Star65 Fork
#23 yasintoy/SnipLime

Best collections of design patterns/idioms/snippets for Sublime Text.

Python186 Star10 Fork
#24 muhasturk/gitim

Clone all of your Github repositories, just single command from your terminal.

Python183 Star89 Fork
#25 Hipo/Django-API-Playground


Python182 Star21 Fork
#26 yuce/pyswip

PySWIP is a Python - SWI-Prolog bridge enabling to query SWI-Prolog in your Python programs. It features an (incomplete) SWI-Prolog foreign language interface, a utility class that makes it easy querying with Prolog and also a Pythonic interface.

Python176 Star49 Fork
#27 cenkalti/kuyruk

⚙️ Simple task queue for Python

Python174 Star17 Fork
#28 meliht/Mr.SIP

SIP-Based Audit and Attack Tool

Python174 Star59 Fork
#29 emre/redis-router

A redis sharding library/api for your sharding needs.

Python171 Star0 Fork
#30 sumerc/yappi

Yet Another Python Profiler, but this time support Multithread/CPU time profiling.

Python159 Star22 Fork