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#1 bisguzar/twitter-scraper

Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.

Python2,899 Star501 Fork
#2 yasinkuyu/binance-trader

💰 Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Binance (Experimental)

Python1,974 Star713 Fork
#3 serengil/deepface

DeepFace: A Lightweight Deep Face Recognition and Facial Attribute Analysis (Age, Gender, Emotion and Race) Framework for Python

Python1,955 Star439 Fork
#4 gkbrk/slowloris

Low bandwidth DoS tool. Slowloris rewrite in Python.

Python1,261 Star457 Fork
#5 DragonComputer/Dragonfire

the open-source virtual assistant for Ubuntu based Linux distributions

Python1,159 Star182 Fork
#6 korcankaraokcu/PINCE

A reverse engineering tool that'll supply the place of Cheat Engine for linux

Python1,084 Star103 Fork
#7 arskom/spyne

A transport agnostic sync/async RPC library that focuses on exposing services with a well-defined API using popular protocols.

Python1,010 Star288 Fork
#8 utkusen/leviathan

wide range mass audit toolkit

Python878 Star224 Fork
#9 hlldz/SpookFlare

Loader, dropper generator with multiple features for bypassing client-side and network-side countermeasures.

Python850 Star198 Fork
#10 Hipo/university-domains-list

University Domains and Names Data List & API

Python702 Star248 Fork
#11 sumerc/yappi

Yet Another Python Profiler, but this time thread&coroutine&greenlet aware.

Python679 Star47 Fork
#12 yasintoy/Slack-Gitsin

A beautiful Slack command line interface.

Python613 Star25 Fork
#13 mhsabbagh/green-recorder

A simple screen recorder for Linux desktop. Supports Wayland & Xorg

Python595 Star110 Fork
#14 umutbozkurt/django-rest-framework-mongoengine

Mongoengine support for Django Rest Framework

Python560 Star164 Fork
#15 utkusen/turkce-wordlist

Türk kullanıcıların parola seçimlerinin analizi için yapılmış bir çalışmadır

Python553 Star113 Fork
#16 Hipo/drf-extra-fields

Extra Fields for Django Rest Framework

Python477 Star76 Fork
#17 utkusen/shotlooter

a recon tool that finds sensitive data inside the screenshots uploaded to

Python477 Star65 Fork
#18 kadirpekel/hammock

rest like a boss

Python457 Star41 Fork
#19 yogurt-cultures/kefir

🥛turkic morphology project

Python451 Star29 Fork
#20 aykut/django-bulk-update

Bulk update using one query over Django ORM

Python412 Star57 Fork
#21 Wizaron/instance-segmentation-pytorch

Semantic Instance Segmentation with a Discriminative Loss Function in PyTorch

Python392 Star90 Fork
#22 hakanzy/django-system-monitor

Simple System Monitoring in Django Admin Panel

Python390 Star36 Fork
#23 mustafaakin/terminal-webcam

a webcam that can be run on a bare terminal

Python337 Star31 Fork
#24 meliht/Mr.SIP

SIP-Based Audit and Attack Tool

Python283 Star86 Fork
#25 alpkeskin/mosint

An automated e-mail OSINT tool

Python277 Star70 Fork
#26 isamert/scli

a simple terminal user interface for signal messenger (using signal-cli)

Python271 Star28 Fork
#27 serengil/chefboost

A Lightweight Decision Tree Framework supporting regular algorithms: ID3, C4,5, CART, CHAID and Regression Trees; some advanced techniques: Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT, GBM), Random Forest and Adaboost w/categorical features support for Python

Python263 Star64 Fork
#28 muhasturk/gitim

Clone all of your Github repositories, just single command from your terminal.

Python250 Star116 Fork
#29 gkbrk/python-jvm-interpreter

Java Virtual Machine implementation in Python

Python236 Star20 Fork
#30 omergunal/PoT

Phishing on Twitter

Python226 Star64 Fork