Bu dil için toplam 78 geliştrici ve 117 repo bulunuyor.

#1 KonVas/DarkMatter

A live coding project involving sonification data from the Large Hadron Collider. The project is a collaboration between BEER ensemble (University of Birmingham) and the Art@CMS project at CERN.

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#2 ahmetakil/Chaos-Game

a processing sketch based on Coding Train's Coding Challange 123 video.

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#3 odtu/TQuad

Design of a Tethered Quad-copter for Continuous Flying

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#4 ogoregen/tetris

tetris made with processing

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Kinect 3D Capture

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#6 sersaday/ProcessingArduinoTouchosc

Processing Arduino(firmata) TouchOsc

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#7 HasanNaser/Bouncing-balls-in-space

Implement a bouncing ball simulation using simple AI techniques in Processing

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#8 cerenkayalar/VCDS2105-ICM

Introduction To Digital Media Coding (a.k.a Introduction to Computational Media)

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#9 kehribar/imageAsciifier

Simple processing sketch to 'asciify' images.

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#11 gokalpates/Ardunio-RF-Controller

A controller project that used for drawing things in processing application.

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#15 alptugan/Ozyegin_University_COD_207_2016-2017

includes codes and tutorials Özyeğin University

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#18 alptugan/Processing-Snippets-for-Students

Sample code snippets for students

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#19 alptugan/OZU-CreativeCoding-2020-2021

Includes Creative Coding class student assignments

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#21 ewanas/chromakey

A chrome-keying algorithm

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#22 dopplerDistortion/fliyingkit

Fliyingkiy prototype files

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#24 zafercavdar/gis-gui

Geographical Information Systems Software

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#27 fmehmetun/mazegenerator

Maze generation with Recursive Backtracker Algorithm on Processing.

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#28 fmehmetun/astarpathfinding

Basic A* Path Finding Algorithm on Processing

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#29 fmehmetun/conwaysgameoflife

Conway's Game of Life in Processing

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#30 demircialiihsan/processing-examples

This repository contains my Processing works.

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