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#1 hlldz/Invoke-Phant0m

Windows Event Log Killer

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#2 ertugrulungor/Twitter

Servis odaklı mimari dersi için yaptığım WCF + MVC projesi

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#3 emrahtokalak/HelperTool

helpertool.io includes several developer tools

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#4 GokGokalp/consul-aspnetcore-sample

This project is a sample of Service Discovery with Consul and Asp.NET Core Application

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#5 EfeChetirous/Efe_SampleInfrastructure

SampleInfrastructure which has been designed according toDomain Driven Design Pattern Principles

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#6 gencebay/NetCoreSmallLoadRepro

Net Core Small Load Tests

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#7 cemalkilic/bil524project

a powershell script to show wireless network information

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#9 SalihKARAHAN/karahan-dotnet-container

:package: .NET Core build on Debian Jessie

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#10 kodcu/Sample.RavenDbCRUD

CRUD operations with Ravendb what document-based nosql database

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#13 ugurcivak/Exchange-SetConfigURL

Exchange (External - Internal) URL Yapılandırma

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#14 kkaradag2/vuber

Database Migration made Easy

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#15 ramazanguclu/PenaltyCalculation

entity framework, asp.net, c#

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#16 OnurSevket/CoffeeShopManagement-170624

MVC Web Project(Layered Architecture) using Entity Framework(CodeFirst)

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#18 EfeChetirous/KnockoutJs_Web_Api_MVVM_MVC-in-a-project

In this project you can access sample of knockoutjs mvvm pattern and mvc projects

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#19 enveroncu/EF

Sample EF codes

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#20 burkayaltuntas/PowerShellDbBackup

Powershell script for creating sql server database backups and sending via email.

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#28 kkadir/docker

Docker tools, cheatsheet and scripts for Windows containers

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#29 hamdiozcan/AlertNotRunningVMwareTools

When a VM's tools turns to NotRunning state, the PowerCLI script sends an email for only one time.

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#30 hamdiozcan/VMfreeSpaceAlert

Sends daily emails that contains VMware VMs with less free space than a specific threshold.

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