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#1 emreakay/CodeIgniter-Aauth

Authorization, Authentication and User Management library for Codeigniter 2.x and 3.x to make easy user management and permission operations

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#2 berkayk/laravel-onesignal

OneSignal Push Notifications for Laravel

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#3 selahattinunlu/laravel-api-query-builder

Laravel & Lumen Api Query Builder Package

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#4 tufanbarisyildirim/php-apk-parser

Read basic info about an application from .apk file.

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#5 mow/apache2nginx

Converts apache rewrite rules to nginx rewrite rules

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#6 bgultekin/laravel4-datatables-package

Server-side handler of DataTables Jquery Plugin for Laravel 4

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#7 tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate

Translate translation files to other languages using google translate or another translation api

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#8 atayahmet/laravel-nestable

Laravel 5 nested category/menu generator

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#9 iyzico/iyzipay-php

iyzipay api php client

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#10 izniburak/pdox

useful query builder class that works with PHP PDO class for simple access your data.

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#11 yedincisenol/laravel-api-startup

"Laravel api startup" is a Laravel template project for start build an Api quickly and perfectly!

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#12 emir/kapi

Slim Framework based simple helper to generate RESTful API's and applications, requires PHP 7.

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#13 furkankadioglu/efatura

eArşiv üzerinden Fatura Oluşturucu

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#14 onerciller/react-redux-laravel

:star2: Boilerplate blog project for react redux laravel

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#15 navruzm/lmongo

MongoDB Package for Laravel 4

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#16 ademilter/SocialCrumbs

:droplet: SocialCrumbs is a social activity feed theme for WordPress that works with ifttt recipes.

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#17 EnginDemirbilek/NorthStarC2

Web Based Command Control Framework (C2) #C2 #PostExploitation #CommandControl #RedTeam #C2Framework #PHPC2 #.NETMalware #Malware #PHPMalware #CnC #infosec #offensivesecurity #Trojan

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#18 laravel-tr/Laravel5-lang

Laravel 5.* Türkçe dil dosyaları

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#19 sametsahindogan/laravel-jwtredis

:rocket: This package allows JWT-authenticated users to be stored and management in Redis with their roles, permissions, statuses and anything you want.

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#20 izniburak/php-router

simple and flexible Router class for PHP. with Controllers and Middlewares support.

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#21 znframework/znframework

ZN Framework Original Edition

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#22 volkansenturk/turkiye-iller-ilceler

Türkiye - İller - İlçeler

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#23 iyzico/iyzipay-laravel

iyzipay api integration for Laravel

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#24 ademalidurmus/fatura

eArşiv / eFatura Fatura Oluşturucu

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#25 ofarukcaki/dataleaks

Leakedsource like "Data Breach Search Engine" with cool Material UI

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#26 udokmeci/yii2-beanstalk

Yii2 beanstalk web and console component

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#27 cangelis/simple-validator

Simple Validator is an awesome and easy to use validator for php

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#28 cangelis/data-models

Data models is the beautiful way of working with structured data such as JSON and PHP arrays

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#29 biberlabs/ddd-embeddables

A collection of reusable value objects written in PHP and targeting versions 5.6 and above.

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