Bu dil için toplam 375 geliştrici ve 675 repo bulunuyor.

#1 Countly/countly-sdk-ios

Countly Product Analytics iOS SDK with macOS, watchOS and tvOS support.

Objective-C550 Star212 Fork
#2 cemolcay/CategorySliderView

slider view for choosing categories. add any UIView type as category item view. Fully customisable

Objective-C363 Star39 Fork
#3 cemolcay/PullToRefreshCoreText

PullToRefresh extension for all UIScrollView type classes with animated text drawing style

Objective-C318 Star45 Fork
#4 sarperdag/SEHumanizedTimeDiff

An NSDate category to have humanly meaningful time intervals since todays date

Objective-C298 Star43 Fork
#5 ardalahmet/SSPhotoCropperViewController

SSPhotoCropperViewController is a custom view controller that provides UI for cropping and scaling photos in iPhone / iPod Touch apps.

Objective-C268 Star58 Fork
#6 ardalahmet/SSCheckBoxView

SSCheckBoxView is a check box UI control for iOS apps.

Objective-C239 Star69 Fork
#7 cemolcay/StrechyParallaxScrollView

uiscrollview with strechy and parallax top view

Objective-C210 Star31 Fork
#8 sarperdag/SESpringBoard

A super easy to use launcher for your iOS projects

Objective-C197 Star36 Fork
#9 cemolcay/GiFHUD

progress hud for displaying only animated gif images. no labels (for now)

Objective-C158 Star39 Fork
#10 cemolcay/DroppyScrollView

Vertical scroll view with abilty to inserting subviews top or any index with stylish dropping animations

Objective-C122 Star11 Fork
#11 bpolat/Alpha-Channel-Remover

Mac OS X Application which allow users to remove alpha (transparency) from images

Objective-C115 Star25 Fork
#12 ersentekin/ETSegmentedView

A Lightweight Synchronous Segmented View for iOS

Objective-C93 Star16 Fork
#13 ahmet/AALaunchTransition

Simple framework to let your application's launch image fade-out to its initial view.

Objective-C92 Star17 Fork
#14 ccsoft/cordova-facebook

Cordova plugin that handles Facebook integration in mobile apps.

Objective-C90 Star47 Fork
#15 kadirpekel/MapWithRoutes

Sample IPhone Project Demonstrating Drawing Routes on MKMapView

Objective-C79 Star16 Fork
#17 Hipo/ProvisioningProfileManager

Simple Mac app for managing local Xcode provisioning profiles

Objective-C54 Star8 Fork
#18 ardalahmet/CopyableCell

A demo iPhone project that shows how to make UITableView cells copyable.

Objective-C54 Star8 Fork
#19 Hipo/HPSocialNetworkManager

iOS framework for authenticating with Facebook and Twitter, with reverse-auth support

Objective-C51 Star18 Fork
#20 sythn/Handwriting

Handwriting recognition system and a test app for iPhone

Objective-C49 Star20 Fork
#22 ardalahmet/EmailableCell

A demo iPhone project that shows how to make UITableView cells with email addresses copyable and emailable.

Objective-C39 Star7 Fork
#23 Hipo/HIPSocialAuth

iOS7 framework for handling Facebook and Twitter authentication

Objective-C33 Star6 Fork
#24 Hipo/happy-flappy-bird

Flappy Bird Clone in SpriteKit

Objective-C31 Star8 Fork
#25 Countly/countly-sample-ios

Sample iOS projects to demonstrate how to use Countly SDKs. For Android sample, check Android repository and documentation.

Objective-C30 Star32 Fork
#26 Turkcell/BIPActionSheet

Custom ActionSheet with image and text support, which is easy to use and modify. We developed to use in our BIP Messenger Application

Objective-C29 Star0 Fork
#27 ardalahmet/CustomizingNavigationBarBackground

This is a demo project that shows how to customize the appearance of UINavigationBar in iPhone apps by drawing custom backgrounds and changing the tint color. It also supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations.

Objective-C29 Star3 Fork
#28 ersentekin/ETRunnerBar

Facebook iOS App like top and bottom header bar

Objective-C28 Star2 Fork
#29 alkimake/AFeedly

Objective-C Feedly API Client

Objective-C27 Star4 Fork
#30 Hipo/HIPLocationManager

Block based iOS framework for handling user location detection. Supports both iOS7 and iOS8 and saves you time by handling the different permission requirements.

Objective-C27 Star1 Fork