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#1 anilbas/3DMMasSTN

MatConvNet implementation for incorporating a 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) into a Spatial Transformer Network (STN)

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#2 anilbas/BFMLandmarks

68/21 Landmark points for Basel Face Model (3DMM)

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#3 utkuufuk/coursera-machine-learning

My lecture notes and assignment solutions for the Coursera machine learning class taught by Andrew Ng.

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#4 CemalUnal/XDoG-Filter

Edge Detection with XDoG Filter

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#5 Saeid-jhn/Digital-Image-Watermarking

Digital Image Watermarking MethodBased on Hybrid DWT-HD-SVD Technique: Attacks, PSNR, SSIM, NC

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#6 ahmettaskin/type-2-fuzzy-logic-systems-matlab-toolbox

Matlab Toolbox for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems

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#7 mehmetgonen/kbmf

Kernelized Bayesian Matrix Factorization

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#8 mustafateke/Pansharp

Collection of Multispectral Satellite Pansharpening Methods

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#9 semihyagcioglu/image-geolocalization

City Scale Image Geolocalization via Dense Scene Alignment

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#10 mehmetgonen/bssml

Bayesian (Semi-)Supervised Multilabel Learning

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#11 odtu/motor-design

A short course on motor-design with FEA

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#12 bulentsiyah/Image-Segmentation-with-Snake-Active-Contour-Algorithm

Image Segmentation with Snake (Active Contour) Algorithm

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#13 abdullahcicekli/hareketbulanikligiazaltma

Hareket Bulanıklığı Azaltma

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#14 aylint/stock-price-anfis

An ANFIS Model for Stock Price Prediction

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#15 overengineer/TR-FDTD

Time-Reversal Algorithm with Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

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#16 boratanrikulu/image_processing

Keeps all lesson materials tidy and up to date. The repo includes my all notes, homeworks and lab codes.

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#17 Mavrikant/LTE-Link-Budget-Calculation

Cell Coverage Area and Link Budget Calculation for LTE-based cellular networks

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#19 CankayaUniversity/ceng-407-408-2017-2018-project-blood-vessel-segmentation

ceng-407-408-project-blood-vessel-segmentation created by GitHub Classroom

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#20 NisanurBulut/MatlabImageProcessing

Adding Noise Noise Canceling Image resizing Resolution Study Filtering processes -Midic filter -Mean filter -Laplasian filter Photo Sharpening

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#21 kozyilmaz/biokey

Cryptographic Key Generation from Biometric Data

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#22 dkebude/potential-field

Potential Field Approach implementation with a GUI

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#23 emilmammadov/FuzzyLogicDisease

This is the basic program to find out how fuzzy logic works.

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#24 ozgyal/EM-Algorithm-for-Gaussian-Mixtures

Implementation of the EM algorithm to fit Mixture of Gaussians with different shapes.

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#25 caginozkaya/Face-Detection-And-Recognition-using-Alexnet-and-Viola-Jones-Algorithm-in-Matlab

Alexnet Transfer Learning and Face Detection with CascadeObjectDetector

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#26 abdullahcicekli/odakbulanikligiduzeltme

Odak Bulanıklığı Düzeltme Matlab Kodu

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#27 mdegis/Image-Processing

Weekly Assignments of Comp 403 in MatLab

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#28 mehmetgonen/kbtl

Kernelized Bayesian Transfer Learning

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#30 BilkentCompGen/MAGNET

MAGNET: Understanding and Improving the Accuracy of Genome Pre-Alignment Filtering

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