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#1 kozyilmaz/nheqminer-macos

nheqminer for macOS with AVX and CUDA

Makefile84 Star8 Fork
#2 kozyilmaz/zcash-apple

Zcash for Apple platforms

Makefile77 Star20 Fork
#3 tareq1988/wp-docker

A simple opinionated PHP 7.2 Docker & Compose Environment for WordPress

Makefile25 Star12 Fork
#4 cloud8421/

Makefile based toolchain for Elm projects. Inspired by

Makefile18 Star3 Fork
#5 fatay/PIC16-ASSEMBLY


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#6 erdaltsksn/erdaltsksn

✨ Special Repository to display a box at your profile page ✨

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#7 pvtmert/kd

ssh key distribution script using bash and gnu-make

Makefile9 Star1 Fork
#8 bulentsiyah/IOS-Simple-Game-Example

Swift Application Example For Beginners | Swift 4

Makefile9 Star0 Fork
#9 kozyilmaz/tools

Generic Buildsystem for GNU Tools on macOS/Linux

Makefile7 Star2 Fork
#11 erdaltsksn/ama

Ask @erdaltsksn anything!

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#12 Turkcell/TurkcelIId_iOS_sdk

Turkcell ID SDK provides an authentication mechanism for iOS applications by using Turkcell user info.

Makefile5 Star3 Fork
#13 anacierdem/ed64-example

Example ed64 re-bootable project template

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#14 erdaltsksn/blank

Blank Project Template

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#16 hakansel/PandaLin

Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES image creation with some capabilities based on Buildroot.

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#20 FilikaDesign/example_ofxFilikaHapPlayer

example project shows how to use ofxFilikaHapPlayer

Makefile3 Star0 Fork
#22 bahadirbal/GarbageCollectorRobot

we designed a robot to collect garbage around it by using automatic grasping from a single-view.

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#23 ondergormez/SharedObjectBuildingMakefiles

This is a generic makefile project for compiling C and C++ programs that implement shared libraries. It also includes various examples for compiling C and C++ programs in Unix like operating systems.

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#24 mustafagunes/ios-env

A small makefile for the iOS development process that makes it easy.

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#29 farukomercakmak/kamusm-e-imza

KamuSM-eImza.jar dosyasının paket haline getirilme projesidir.

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#30 cagdasbas/openpose-gpu

Turing optimized nvidia/cuda:10.1-cudnn7-runtime rebased openpose docker image

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