Bu dil için toplam 88 geliştrici ve 144 repo bulunuyor.

#1 kozyilmaz/nheqminer-macos

nheqminer for macOS with AVX and CUDA

Makefile78 Star11 Fork
#2 kozyilmaz/zcash-apple

Zcash for Apple platforms

Makefile65 Star15 Fork
#3 pvtmert/kd

ssh key distribution script using bash and gnu-make

Makefile8 Star1 Fork
#4 Wzedlare/android_vendor_motorola_cedric

Vendor blobs for Moto G5(cedric)

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#5 clkasd/picoBalloons

Makefile5 Star0 Fork
#6 Turkcell/TurkcelIId_iOS_sdk

Turkcell ID SDK provides an authentication mechanism for iOS applications by using Turkcell user info.

Makefile4 Star2 Fork
#7 bulentsiyah/IOS_Web_Servis_Ornegi

Rest Web Servise Bağlanma (Login ve Dosya Gönderme Örneği) |Swift 4

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#8 Wzedlare/android_vendor_lenovo_p2a42

Vendor blobs for Lenovo P2

Makefile3 Star4 Fork
#9 hakansel05/PandaLin

Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES image creation with some capabilities based on Buildroot.

Makefile3 Star2 Fork
#10 kozyilmaz/tools

GNU Tools for macOS

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#11 clkasd/vwcardasharduino

Car dash tablet for Volkswagen Polo

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#12 bulentsiyah/IOS-Basit-Oyun-Ornegi

Kenny Yakalama Oyunu | Swift 4

Makefile3 Star0 Fork
#15 pvtmert/simple-su

simple superuser application for arm devices, compiled statically to be used in android and such.

Makefile2 Star0 Fork
#16 galepress/android

Android Project for GalePress

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#17 bulentsiyah/IOS-TableView-Ornegi

IOS Table View Örneği | Swift 4

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#18 bulentsiyah/ios-Veritabani-Ornegi-Galeriden-Resim-Ekleme

ios 11 swift 4 ile Veritabani veri ekleme, çekme ve filtreleme örneğidir.

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#19 bulentsiyah/IOS_Harita_Uygulamasi_Ornegi

Harita Uygulaması Örneği (Seyahat Kitabım) | Swift 4

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Makefile1 Star6 Fork
#24 JafarAbdi/RoboticsCol

Solutions for CSMM.103x course in Edx platform provided by Columbia university

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#28 mpolatcan/robodock

Robodock - configurable Docker cluster installer powered by Docker Overlay network architecture and Consul kv store

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#29 mpolatcan/hive-docker

Scalable Hive Docker image with built-in Hadoop works at Docker and Kubernetes

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#30 mpolatcan/pig-docker

Scalable Pig Docker image with built-in Hadoop works at Docker and Kubernetes

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