Bu dil için toplam 114 geliştrici ve 284 repo bulunuyor.

#1 nacro90/numb.nvim

Peek lines just when you intend

Lua192 Star6 Fork
#2 osa1/language-lua

Lua parser and pretty-printer

Lua53 Star12 Fork
#3 mthnglac/dotfiles

This is what I use to get things done!

Lua47 Star1 Fork
#4 MustaphaTR/Generals-Alpha

Generals Alpha is an OpenRA mod that recreates Command & Conquer: Generals on OpenRA engine as much as possible but using Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn artworks.

Lua25 Star8 Fork
#9 kaandok/redis-scripts

Redis Lua scripts for extended functionality

Lua6 Star1 Fork
#12 nacro90/turkishmode.nvim

Deasciify turkish texts easily

Lua5 Star0 Fork
Lua5 Star2 Fork
#14 osa1/akow2

Extended/improved version of LD23 game, Another Kind of World

Lua4 Star1 Fork
#17 dogabeey/WWU

World of Warcraft Mod for Europa Universalis IV

Lua4 Star2 Fork
#18 denizalp9/srixen_discordlog

Fivem server logging for basic and default events

Lua4 Star0 Fork
#20 mtyurt/nginx-google-auth-setup

Ansible scripts to setup nginx with google authentication

Lua3 Star0 Fork
#21 ilkinulas/lua-backgammon

Backgammon library for lua projects.

Lua3 Star1 Fork
#23 umithyo/mta-tr

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#24 HMTKrglu/delveh

Sunucudaki tüm araçları silmek için kullanılır

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#25 mua/BlockingBad

a tetris clone with an evil twist

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#26 bwh/ZebraKarmaFrames

Experimental Karma Loot Time Optimization Frames

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#27 alperenozlu/rainmeter-todo

It's a to-do skin that will always be in the spotlight.

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#28 EserSahiner/es_fishingv2

Awesome fishing script !!! Requires essentiamode v2.0 and vdk_inventory !!! Do not forget to execute sql file!!

Lua2 Star0 Fork
#30 BechaRoot/esx_motel

FiveM için motel scripti.

Lua2 Star5 Fork