Bu dil için toplam 292 geliştrici ve 690 repo bulunuyor.

#1 faruktoptas/FancyShowCaseView

An easy-to-use customisable show case view with circular reveal animation.

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#2 iammert/ReadableBottomBar

Yet another material bottom bar library for Android

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#3 santalu/mask-edittext

A simple edittext with mask

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#4 iammert/AnimatedTabLayout

Yet another android tab layout

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#5 Trendyol/medusa

Android fragment stack controller

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#6 TayfunCesur/CurvedBottomSheet

Curved-Waved-Animated BottomSheet 😎 It uses Cubic Bezier Curves. This project can be a good start to drawing whatever you want!

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#7 general-mobile/kotlin-android-mvp-starter

Create/Generate your kotlin MVP projects easily

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#8 santalu/diagonal-imageview

A simple imageview which allows you to create diagonal cut views easily

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#9 yusufcakmak/ExoPlayerSample

This project is developed with ExoPlayer 2. You can play audio files and play video files with custom playback controls.

Kotlin226 Star78 Fork
#10 ibrahimsn98/android-particles

A lightweight Particle Animation Library for Android

Kotlin222 Star24 Fork
#11 halilozercan/BetterVideoPlayer

Video playback on Android, made better in Kotlin, wrapping around the stock MediaPlayer API.

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#12 general-mobile/kotlin-android-mvvm-starter

Android Kotlin Starter is a starter project which implements MVVM Pattern.

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#13 mtcn/MotionLayoutExamples

:cool: Motion layout animation examples

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#14 iammert/CameraVideoButton

Instagram like animated button for taking photo or recording video.

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#16 iammert/MultiSearchView

Yet another built-in animated search view for Android.

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#17 sembozdemir/PermissionsKt

Handle Android Runtime Permissions in Kotlin way

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#18 ogulcan/kotlin-mvp-dagger2

This example application implements MVP architecture using Kotlin, Dagger2,RxJava2 and also inject, constraint-layout, typicode api.

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#19 iammert/RangeView

Android range view for cropping (video, audio, etc.)

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#20 general-mobile/kotlin-architecture-components-notes-demo

Example of Android Architecture Components which implements MVVM Pattern and written in Kotlin

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#21 iammert/PhotoViewIndicator

Indicator for PhotoView Library https://github.com/chrisbanes/PhotoView

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#22 nuhkoca/kotlin-modular-tdd-coroutines-mvvm

A sample Kotlin app which was built with modular structure, Kotlin DSL, Kotlin Coroutines, TDD and MVVM pattern.

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#23 faruktoptas/RetrofitRssConverterFactory

A Retrofit 2 converter which parses Rss feeds

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#24 emrekose26/RecordButton

Android record button view

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#25 mayuce/LottieAlertDialog

This repository provides a alert dialog view with lottie customization.

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#26 santalu/aspect-ratio-imageview

A simple imageview which scales the width or height aspect with the given ratio

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#27 oguzcelik/AutoCompleteEmailView

Custom view for email autocomplete suggestions

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#28 TayfunCesur/GithubProjectBrowser

This is a sample Android Project that is based on Clean Architecture

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#30 volsahin/bottomify-navigation-view

A nice looking Spotify like bottom navigation view

Kotlin48 Star9 Fork