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#1 Countly/countly-server

Countly helps you get insights from your application. Available self-hosted or on private cloud.

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#2 muhammederdem/vue-interactive-paycard

Credit card form with smooth and sweet micro-interactions

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#3 MetinSeylan/

😻 implementation for Vuejs and Vuex

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#4 hsnaydd/moveTo

A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency

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#5 halilb/react-native-textinput-effects

Text inputs with custom label and icon animations for iOS and android. Built with react native and inspired by Codrops.

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#6 gurayyarar/AdminBSBMaterialDesign

AdminBSB - Free admin panel that is based on Bootstrap 3.x with Material Design

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#7 f/graphql.js

A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript

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#8 onokumus/metismenu

A jQuery menu plugin

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#9 volkanceylan/Serenity

Business Apps Made Simple with Asp.Net Core MVC / TypeScript

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#10 f/vue-wait

Complex Loader and Progress Management for Vue/Vuex and Nuxt Applications

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#11 Adphorus/react-date-range

A React component for choosing dates and date ranges.

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#12 mbrn/material-table

Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features

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#13 volosoft/jtable

A JQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables.

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#14 cihadturhan/jquery-aim

jQuery plugin which guesses which element user is going to be hovered/clicked.

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#15 f/delorean

An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework

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#16 ilkeryilmaz/timelinejs

🎬 jQuery timeline plugin, easily creates timeline slider.

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#17 oguzhaninan/Buka

EBook Management

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#18 SinanMtl/webpack-simple-starter

A simple webpack starter without framework (Like Vue, React, Angular, etc.)

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#19 halilb/react-native-photo-browser

Local and remote media gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react native.

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#20 onury/geolocator

A utility for getting geo-location information via HTML5 and IP look-ups, geocoding, address look-ups, distance and durations, timezone information and more...

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#21 ademilter/chrome-css-grid-highlighter

Css Grid Highlighter for Chrome

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#22 gokcan/react-shimmer

🌠 React Image Loader component that simulates a shimmer effect

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#23 salihciftci/liman

Self-hosted web application for monitoring docker.

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#24 sseffa/fullycms

Fully CMS - Multi Language Content Management System - Laravel 5.1

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#25 ramesaliyev/trigonoparty

Simple Trigonometry Visualisation with Pure JavaScript.

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#26 eserozvataf/laroux.js

Micro jquery substitute for modern browsers

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#27 cagataycali/xss-listener

🕷️ XSS Listener is a penetration tool for easy to steal data with various XSS.

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#28 mburakerman/hrjs

🔄 Tiny JavaScript plugin for highlighting and replacing text in the DOM

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#29 gokercebeci/canvasResize

Javascript Canvas Resize Plugin. It can work both with jQuery and Zepto. It's compatible with iOS6 and Android 2.3+

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#30 pyistanbul/dbpatterns

Dbpatterns is a service that allows you to create, share, explore database models on the web. Built on top of Django, Backbone. Patterns are stored on MongoDB, and uses Lettuce for BDD approach.

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