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#1 Cutta/GifView

Library for playing gifs on Android

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#2 asciidocfx/AsciidocFX

Asciidoc Editor and Toolchain written with JavaFX 16 (Build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides)

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#3 gturedi/StatefulLayout

Android layout to show template for loading, empty, error etc. states

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#4 tekinarslan/AndroidMaterialDesignToolbar

Android Sample Project with Material Design and Toolbar.

Java716 Star275 Fork
#5 smarteist/Android-Image-Slider

Android Auto Image Slider

Java711 Star218 Fork
#6 canelmas/let

Annotation based simple API flavored with AOP to handle new Android runtime permission model

Java534 Star38 Fork
#7 faradaj/BlurBehind

[DEPRECATED] Easily have blurred and transparent background effect on your Android views.

Java512 Star111 Fork
#8 Cutta/TagView

Android TagView-HashTagView

Java486 Star96 Fork
#9 Cutta/ContinuousScrollableImageView

Library for animating images with continuous scrolling effects

Java431 Star58 Fork
#10 oktayayr/advancedtextview

AdvancedTextView provides advanced features that simplifies complicated UI processes

Java380 Star53 Fork
#11 santalu/empty-view

A view that displays state of screen like loading, error, empty

Java380 Star49 Fork
#12 ceryle/SegmentedButton

Segmented Control with animation for Android API 12+

Java361 Star96 Fork
#13 pcevikogullari/AndroidShortcuts

Example app for shortcuts

Java334 Star42 Fork
#14 erayakartuna/pdf-flipbook

Browse PDF document like a book turning its pages

Java301 Star153 Fork
#15 ozlerhakan/poiji

:candy: A tiny library converting excel rows to a list of Java objects based on Apache POI

Java275 Star96 Fork
#16 ceryle/RadioRealButton

A custom radio button for Android API 12+

Java253 Star74 Fork
#17 mobiwiseco/Android-Base-Project

An Android Base Project which can be example for every Android project.

Java239 Star38 Fork
#18 webfolderio/ui4j

Web Automation for Java

Java203 Star57 Fork
#19 javaterminal/TerminalFX

Java FX Terminal Emulator

Java195 Star43 Fork
#20 AlicanAkkus/Modular-Architecture-Hexagonal-Demo-Project

Hexagonal Architecture Demo Project about Ticketing and Payment

Java184 Star26 Fork
#21 webyonet/react-native-android-location-services-dialog-box

React Native Android Location Services Dialog Box

Java180 Star48 Fork
#22 Cutta/MaterialTransitionAnimation

Material Animations practice which is inspired from

Java164 Star39 Fork
#23 tekinarslan/AndroidPdfViewer

Simple and Smooth Pdfviewer for Android applications.

Java139 Star53 Fork
#24 yusufcakal/RestaurantApp

Android Restaurant Application with QR Code Reader

Java139 Star109 Fork
#25 brkckr/TableView

A RecyclerView that looks like a TableView, can scroll horizontally and vertically with a fixed header at the same time.

Java136 Star22 Fork
#26 BatooOrg/BatooJPA

Batoo JPA - Fastest JPA Implementation Ever! Over 15 times faster than the leading JPA implementations.

Java133 Star32 Fork
#27 alpbak/BoxedVerticalSeekBar

A vertical seekbar for Android

Java133 Star24 Fork
#28 ozlerhakan/mongolastic

:traffic_light: A dataset migration tool from MongoDB to Elasticsearch and vice versa.

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#29 talut/rn-secure-storage

Secure Storage for React Native (Android & iOS)

Java126 Star29 Fork
#30 ozlerhakan/rapid

:whale: A lightweight Docker Developer Interface for Docker Remote API

Java118 Star23 Fork