Bu dil için toplam 332 geliştrici ve 511 repo bulunuyor.

#1 mebaysan/DockerElKitabi

Docker Öğrenirken Aldığım Notlar

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#2 izniburak/demet

Simple and useful LAMP & LEMP and more stack environments to use on Docker via Docker Compose.

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#3 kemallaydin/Configuring-CI-CD-on-Kubernetes-with-Jenkins

Create a fully automated environment using Slack, Jenkins, and GitHub integration

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#4 selcukusta/redis-sentinel-with-haproxy

Build fault-tolerance Redis cluster with Sentinel on Docker

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#5 polatengin/project-standards

Opinionated standards for projects, such as, Naming Conventions, Best Practices, etc.

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#6 umutphp/php-docker-images-for-ci

A repository with a set of Docker files created from official PHP images with some CI tools.

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#7 pvtmert/static-docker

static builds for various utilities, being reproducable thanks to docker :)

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#8 suzel/docker-postgrest

REST API for any Postgres database (PostgREST Docker Image)

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#9 lucashilles/flutter-dev-container

Flutter dev container for VS Code Remote Development

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#10 umutphp/wp-vulnerability-check-github-action

wp-vulnerability-check Github Action

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#12 Zaryob/Imagination

The docker images in this repository are images dedicated to the resurrection of dreams.

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#13 delirehberi/php7-symfony

PHP7 build for symfony development

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#14 zinan/docker-dev-farm

All in one dockerized development stack for especially Php developers

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#15 bahattincinic/puppeteer-docker-example

Puppeteer docker container example

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#17 cangelis/homestack

Homestack is a development environment on streoids.

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#18 Zaryob/SulinDocker

Sulin Docker Images

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#19 orhun/git-cliff-action

GitHub action to generate a changelog based on the Git history

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#20 eabay/docker-nodejs

Docker base image for Node.js applications

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#22 behroozam/fluentd-nginx-elk

collect nginx log to elasticsearch with fluentd without log driver

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#23 mpolatcan/mahout-docker

Scalable Mahout Docker image with built-in Hadoop works at Docker and Kubernetes

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#24 aligurbuz/php-apps

php-apps with docker

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#25 bkavlak/geemap_docker

Ubuntu 18.04 Container for Geemap

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#28 zaherg/php-xdebug-alpine

This should contain all the images that I'll build for PHP 7.x with xdebug enabled

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#29 Acanguven/node-docker-multi-stage-pipeline

Nodejs multi-stage Dockerfile for secure, lean and fast images.

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#30 krmbzds/docker-activitywatch

Open source time-tracking application, dockerized.

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