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#1 kalismeras61/flutter_web_dashboard

Flutter Bootstrap Style Admin UI

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#2 kalismeras61/flutter_wallet_ui

FlutterWallet APP UI Challenge

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#3 kalismeras61/flutter_page_transition

This is Flutter Page Transition Package

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#4 figengungor/clippy_flutter

Clip your widgets with custom shapes provided.

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#5 hhtokpinar/sqfEntity

SqfEntity ORM for Flutter/Dart lets you build and execute SQL commands on SQLite database easily and quickly with the help of fluent methods similar to .Net Entity Framework.SqfEntity also generates add/edit forms with validations and special controls (DropDown List, DateTime pickers, Checkboxes.. etc) for your table.

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#6 kalismeras61/flutter_awesome_design_pages

Flutter Awesome Design Pages and Widgets

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#7 durannumit/flutter_onboarding_screen

An example of onboarding screen on Flutter

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#8 kalismeras61/foodapp

Flutter Food APP Desing

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#9 halilozercan/ProgressButton

A Flutter Material Button that animates between Progress and Error states

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#10 figengungor/country_pickers

Countries, codes, flags and several way of picking them at your service...one widget away...

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#11 kalismeras61/flutter_lock_screen

This package gives you lock screen or pass code page

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#12 serkandyck/flutter_vpn_example

Example Flutter VPN Application

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#13 arrrrny/tesseract_ocr

Tesseract OCR for flutter

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#14 figengungor/page_view_indicators

Customizable indicators for your PageViews

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#15 onatcipli/rename

it is an dart package which renames the app for ios and android

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#16 right7ctrl/flutter_floating_bottom_navigation_bar

Floating bottom navigation package for flutter

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#17 figengungor/FlutterPlayground

Everything is a widget! Let's play with widgets.

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#18 emreyh/kolonya

Kolonya is a mobile app made with flutter framework.

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#19 VB10/HealthoUI

This project ui example for flutter.

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#20 kesali/flutter-egitim-serisi

Kesali Tech Youtube kanalında yayınlanan Flutter Eğitim serisi için kaynaklar ve video linkleri.

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#21 right7ctrl/flutter_astrology_app

Flutter astrology app ui

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#22 muhammet-mucahit/Yemek-Yemek-App

:hamburger: The Flutter App provides some foods, recipes, favorite recipes of users and suggestion of recipe.

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#23 anilcancakir/flutter-boilerplate

Flutter SDK Boilerplate with Routes, Auth and Http

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#25 durannumit/myFlutterAdventure

My Flutter adventure from zero

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#26 figengungor/scaling_header

Scaling header(appBar) with scroll interactions

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#27 anilcancakir/dynamic-home-example-flutter

How to use dynamic home page in Flutter?

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#29 arslanaybars/MQuote

MQuote provides you +700 Motivational & Inspirational quotes by famous authors, celebrities. Powered by Flutter

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#30 VB10/WhatsApp-Chat

Whatsapp Chat Screen with Flutter

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