Bu dil için toplam 22 geliştrici ve 53 repo bulunuyor.

#1 askn/crystal-by-example

Crystal By Example

Crystal493 Star43 Fork
#2 f/guardian

Guardian watches over your files and run assigned tasks.

Crystal266 Star24 Fork
#3 0x73/hoop

Building native OSX apps.

Crystal197 Star8 Fork
#4 f/kamber

Static site server (basically blogs) with Crystal Language

Crystal169 Star9 Fork
#5 sdogruyol/fast-http-server

Super fast, zero configuration command line HTTP Server.

Crystal147 Star10 Fork
#6 askn/faker

Faker is a Crystal library that generates fake data for you

Crystal133 Star14 Fork
#7 askn/progress

[==..] Progress bar for Crystal Programming Language

Crystal125 Star10 Fork
#8 sdogruyol/cryload

HTTP benchmarking tool written in Crystal

Crystal117 Star14 Fork
#9 sdogruyol/tren

Give your SQL some love

Crystal106 Star4 Fork
#10 sdogruyol/aws

Unofficial AWS SDK for Crystal

Crystal70 Star8 Fork
#11 f/completion

Easy Command Line Completion for Crystal

Crystal69 Star7 Fork
#12 f/equiv

It finds equivalents of the things.

Crystal58 Star7 Fork
#13 f/temel

Extensible Markup DSL for Crystal

Crystal55 Star6 Fork
#14 askn/spinner

Terminal Spinner for Crystal Programming Language

Crystal50 Star3 Fork
#15 izniburak/query-builder

sql query builder library for crystal-lang

Crystal47 Star9 Fork
#16 askn/fikri

Simple CLI To-Do App written in Crystal

Crystal42 Star3 Fork
#17 f/

Uniformed function call syntax for Crystal Language.

Crystal35 Star1 Fork
#18 guvencenanguvenal/mustafa

Mustafa is Simple and Fast MVC Framework for Crystal

Crystal32 Star1 Fork
#19 umurgdk/haydari

Parser combinator library for crystal programming language.

Crystal27 Star2 Fork
#20 izniburak/denetmen

useful micro check library for Crystal Language.

Crystal24 Star2 Fork
#21 guvencenanguvenal/katip

Katip is JSONBase Logger for Crystal

Crystal22 Star2 Fork
#22 sdogruyol/kemal-pg

Easily add Postgresql database to Kemal

Crystal20 Star1 Fork
#23 sdogruyol/kemal-github-api

Github API routes benchmark for Kemal

Crystal17 Star2 Fork
#24 sdogruyol/kemal-mysql

Easily add MySQL database to your Kemal application.

Crystal13 Star0 Fork
#25 umurgdk/flight-crusader

POC top down flight game in crystal lang!

Crystal12 Star0 Fork
#26 aladagemre/chizge

A Network (Graph) Analysis library for Crystal Language, inspired by NetworkX.

Crystal10 Star3 Fork
#27 askn/racon

WIP admin dashboard

Crystal9 Star1 Fork
#28 sdogruyol/multipart

Multipart Form Data parser for Crystal

Crystal9 Star0 Fork
#29 sdogruyol/kemal-redis

Easily add Redis to Kemal

Crystal8 Star5 Fork
#30 izniburak/turkish-number

turn integers into the Turkish words for Crystal Language

Crystal7 Star1 Fork