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#1 oguzhaninan/Stacer

Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring - https://oguzhaninan.github.io/Stacer-Web

C++4,807 Star392 Fork
#2 erengy/taiga

A lightweight anime tracker for Windows

C++1,052 Star145 Fork
#3 enginmanap/limonEngine

3D FPS game engine with full dynamic lighting and shadows

C++227 Star25 Fork
#4 atilimcetin/global-matting

An implementation of global matting algorithm for OpenCV.

C++207 Star61 Fork
#5 atilimcetin/guided-filter

Fast and complete guided filter implementation for OpenCV

C++171 Star83 Fork
#6 Wizaron/pytorch-cpp-inference

Serving PyTorch 1.0 Models as a Web Server in C++

C++142 Star16 Fork
#7 erengy/anitomy

Anime video filename parser

C++131 Star16 Fork
#8 utkuufuk/cpp-quick-reference

:bookmark_tabs: C++ Quick Reference

C++117 Star15 Fork
#9 hlldz/APC-PPID

Adds a user-mode asynchronous procedure call (APC) object to the APC queue of the specified thread and spoof the Parent Process.

C++94 Star22 Fork
#10 tunaemre/Face-Swap-Android

Realtime Face Swap Android NDK app full source code. Developed with OpenCV (http://opencv.org) and Dlib C++ (http://dlib.net).

C++90 Star37 Fork
#11 EgeBalci/Cminer

Cminer is a tool for enumerating the code caves in PE files.

C++87 Star27 Fork
#12 yigityuce/BlackLib

Beaglebone Black C++ Library

C++71 Star47 Fork
#13 dnzzcn/cuDNNv

cuDNN Version Switcher

C++44 Star10 Fork
#14 duman/cli-http-status-code

Helps you to remember HTTP status code, or can check status of a page.

C++42 Star4 Fork
#15 anlcnydn/bilateral

Bilateral Filter implementation both in Python and C++

C++40 Star16 Fork
#16 Dentrax/ArduRTOS

Real Time Operating System Lessons using Arduino and The FreeRTOS Kernel

C++39 Star2 Fork
#17 EgeBalci/Keylogger

Simple C++ Keylogger...

C++39 Star36 Fork
#18 yasirtug/ni-translate

A translator for Linux, running at the background which wakes up with the translation of the last selected text after tapping the specific key twice.

C++34 Star6 Fork
#19 Robotistan/YouTube-DIY-Projeler

YouTube kanalımızda yayınladığımız projelerin kodları ve şemaları yer almaktadır.

C++34 Star53 Fork
#20 mrtkp9993/Cpp-Examples

Numerical C++ examples.

C++32 Star0 Fork
#21 alptugan/3D-Studies-with-openFrameworks

Set of projects to generate 3d mesh & vertices

C++28 Star3 Fork
#22 clkasd/qt-firebaseapi

Firebase API for Qt Framework

C++27 Star10 Fork
#23 hyOzd/serialplot

THIS IS A MIRROR. Small and simple software for plotting data from serial port in realtime.

C++25 Star13 Fork
#24 yasinyildirim/ShotDetection

Open source software that detects shot boundaries in video.

C++23 Star7 Fork
#25 eminfedar/widgetci

a Cross-Platform Widget Management App. (Win/Linux/Mac)

C++21 Star3 Fork
#26 plq/zmq

A shell wrapper for ZeroMQ. (http://zeromq.org)

C++20 Star5 Fork
C++20 Star12 Fork
#28 zafersn/WiFi-RC-Controller-With-Camera

This Repo allows you to take live image from raspberry and control your motors.(In short, it allows you to build and control hobby vehicles.)

C++20 Star11 Fork
#29 demirten/twamp-gui

Cross platform twamp client and responder with Qt QML backend

C++19 Star7 Fork
#30 ercanersoy/FreeDOS-TUI-Shell

DOSSHELL command for FreeDOS

C++18 Star3 Fork