Bu dil için toplam 43 geliştrici ve 65 repo bulunuyor.

#1 f/omelette

Omelette is a simple, template based autocompletion tool for Node projects with super easy API. (For Bash, Zsh and Fish)

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#2 f/atom-term2


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#3 vngrs/konfig

Config loader module for Node.js. Automatic, environment specific and dynamic.

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#4 f/atom-bootstrap3

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Snippets for Atom

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#5 ramesaliyev/EasyWebWorker

Easy Communication Protocol For Web Workers

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#6 kadirpekel/coffeemate

coffeemate - the coffee creamer!

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#7 vngrs/node-web-template

A Node.js web-app template ready for you

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#8 f/phaser-coffee-boilerplate

Phaser CoffeeScript + Browserify + LiveReload Boilerplate

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#9 f/macaron

Macros for CoffeeScript

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#10 mertkahyaoglu/atom-chat

Chat Package for Atom Editor :speech_balloon:

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#11 f/

Dead Simple, Vanilla-ish Client-Side Framework based on jQuery, inspired by GitHub's Space-Pen Library

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#13 fatih/RailsDashboard.kdapp

An easy way to learn, test and deploy Rails

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#14 f/wolves

JavaScript port of lykoss/lykos, a Werewolf party game IRC bot

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#15 dbtek/angular-md-gallery

AngularJS Material Design gallery module

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#18 doubco/hello-app

an express.js bootstrap

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#19 f/Kodepad.kdapp

Kodepad : a Koding application that helps you to create another Koding Applications. Builds screens as you type.

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#20 dbtek/angular-material-calculator

Sample AngularJS calculator application utilising material design.

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#21 tih-ra/jsonselect

Searches arbitrary JSON for a key and returns an array of all matches.

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#22 sdogruyol/express-coffee-template

Simple and ready to go Express application skeleton for CoffeeScript-ers to kickstart.

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#23 cemolcay/cucumber-step-generator

Atom package for generating cucumber step files from feature files

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#24 diegoperini/compiler-demo

A demo compiler boilerplate with file watchers

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#25 fatihtas/s3_direct_upload_customized

robotsandpencils/s3_direct_upload has been modified for self usage

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#26 muradiye/web

Web app for

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#27 printsepeti/murtaza

They call me Murtaza, the robot.

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#29 erenhatirnaz/coffeescript-exercises

I did this exercises while learning CoffeeScript.

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#30 abdullahkaracabey/AK.WebRequest

Make $http request and change response camelcase for javascript etc.

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