Bu dil için toplam 34 geliştrici ve 81 repo bulunuyor.

#1 clojurecademy/clojurecademy

Clojurecademy Web Application

Clojure574 Star41 Fork
#2 ertugrulcetin/ClojureNews

Clojure News Web Application - (Hacker News Clone)

Clojure217 Star24 Fork
#3 ergenekonyigit/trendcat

:octocat: A new tab extension for Github and HackerNews with ClojureScript

Clojure63 Star0 Fork
#4 ertugrulcetin/kezban

Utility library for Clojure(Script)

Clojure34 Star3 Fork
#5 muhuk/clecs

Entity-component-system for Clojure.

Clojure22 Star1 Fork
#6 muhuk/aleph-middleware

Ring middleware that support deferred responses.

Clojure18 Star3 Fork
#7 muhuk/validation-benchmark

Benchmark for Clojure validation libraries.

Clojure18 Star7 Fork
#8 ertugrulcetin/patika

Clojure routing library which is an abstraction over Liberator + Compojure

Clojure14 Star0 Fork
#9 ergenekonyigit/spacex-cljs

simple app with clojurescript and re-frame (react)

Clojure10 Star1 Fork
#10 ertugrulcetin/asynctor

Minimal core.async inspector library for Clojure and ClojureScript

Clojure9 Star0 Fork
#11 ertugrulcetin/finite-cache

finite-cache is a Clojure caching library that allows you to limit the size of a cache object.

Clojure9 Star0 Fork
#12 clojurecademy/4Clojure

4Clojure problems with a few differences

Clojure8 Star2 Fork
#13 ozlerhakan/aop-metrics

:mag_right: master thesis: a metrics suite including both aspect-oriented and object-oriented features using Ekeko

Clojure8 Star1 Fork
#14 burkaydurdu/muggle

:loop: Muggle-Repelling

Clojure6 Star1 Fork
#15 burkaydurdu/charizard

Leiningen template for reagent web app ring server app

Clojure6 Star1 Fork
#16 OguzhanAydin61/marvel-cljs

Simple app with clojurescript and re-frame

Clojure5 Star0 Fork
#17 ergenekonyigit/simple-crud-reagent

Simple CRUD App with ClojureScript and Reagent

Clojure4 Star1 Fork
Clojure4 Star0 Fork
#19 burkaydurdu/reagent-authentication

This is example project with clojure reagent.

Clojure4 Star0 Fork
#20 clojurecademy/dsl

Clojurecademy DSL Source Code

Clojure4 Star0 Fork
Clojure3 Star0 Fork
#22 clojurecademy/sample-course

Sample Course from Clojurecademy DSL Documentation

Clojure3 Star0 Fork
Clojure3 Star0 Fork
#24 umutgokbayrak/ozlusozler

Quotes web app written in Clojure for Turkish speakers

Clojure2 Star2 Fork
#25 umutgokbayrak/analytics-engine

A general purpose analytics engine in Clojure

Clojure2 Star0 Fork
#26 ertugrulcetin/the-repl

Clojure REPL built with Java Swing GUI

Clojure2 Star0 Fork
#27 rglass/turksort

Sorting Turkish Names

Clojure1 Star0 Fork
#28 faradaj/words-clj

A Clojure app that outputs word frequencies of given text.

Clojure1 Star0 Fork
#29 mdogan/hazelcap

Break Hazelcast using Jepsen

Clojure1 Star0 Fork
#30 kadirmalak/clowg

A Clojure library for generating wrappers around Java

Clojure1 Star0 Fork